GreenMobility gives free trip to caregivers

Starting today, GreenMobility will be giving free trips to caregivers of 20 minutes. Caregivers have been experiencing a heavy workload on their shoulders for a while now. That is why we are giving them that extra helping hand with 20 free minutes. Maybe to finally get that vaccine?

A free trip for caregivers

Caregivers have been working hard since March 2020 and will be receiving their first vaccination shorty. Hospital staff will take the lead, receiving their corona vaccines from this week on. To make it a little easier for them, we’re giving a free trip to all caregivers. Maybe you can use it to get your vaccination.


“We are giving a free trip to caregivers to get vaccinated”.

Do you need to drive to a vaccination center for you vaccine? No problem! The vaccination centers in Antwerp and Ghent are part of the GreenMobility Zone. Citizens of Antwerp will have to drive to Spoor Oost. In Ghent, you can get vaccinated in Flanders’ Expo. As they are part of our Zone, you can park for free.

Claim your free ride with GreenMobility

Do you work in healthcare? Follow the next steps and get your free ride! 

  1. Register for free in the app and wait until we approve your account. If you want to get approved immediately, you can call +32 3 322 11 22.
  2. Prove that you are a caregiver! Send a mail to [email protected] with your company mail or other proof that you work in healthcare.
  3. As soon as you receive a confirmation mail, there will be 20 minutes on your account. You can drive now!
More free minutes? Invite your colleagues!

With our refer a friend option, you can earn free minutes quickly. Let your colleagues register and get 30 free minutes for every approval. The only thing they have to do is fill in your promo code at registration. You can find your promo code in the app under “My account”. And remind them to send us a mail for their 20 free minutes!