GreenMobility’s 2020 throwback

GreenMobility cars in a row at night

We don’t have to tell you that 2020 was an eventful year. A lot has happened in the last year, also at GreenMobility. Thanks to you and all our other users, we still managed to put our stamp on 2020. We’re ending on a very positive note by looking at our achievements in GreenMobility’s 2020 throwback.

Five new cities

2020 was a year of expansions, as we launched in five new European cities. We launched the first cities in June, starting with Malmö and Gothenburg in Sweden. Next, Belgium followed in the fall with our beloved cities Antwerp and Ghent. Lastly, the capital of Finland РHelsinki Рwas added to the GreenMobility family right before Christmas.

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100.000 users

With the expansion to five new cities, the next milestone followed pretty quickly after that. In the fall, GreenMobility counted no less than 100.000 users across Europe! We want to thank all of you for joining our journey and creating cleaner cities with less noise and pollution.

Saving CO2

Since the start of GreenMobility, all our users have saved 2.128 ton of CO2 together, by driving our EVs instead of gasoline cars. Moreover, you and all our other users have done about 448 road trips around the earth together – or driven about 23 times to the moon and back!


Planting trees

These amazing numbers motivated the GreenMobility team to take it one step further. In 2020, we decided to plant trees on a monthly basis to double our CO2 savings. Each user that drives our cars, will help us plant those trees. This way, we create a better environment for biodiversity and better air quality.

Profitable in KPH

As mentioned before, GreenMobility was first operational in Copenhagen in 2016. In the fall of 2020, GreenMobility finally became profitable in its hometown. Today, there are working more than 100 employees, 900 cars driving in Europe and GreenMobility is listed in Nasdaq!

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Nasdaq Main Market

Which brings us to our most recent achievement of 2020. At the end of this year, GreenMobility moved from Nasdaq First North to being listed on the Nasdaq Main Market. This means that GreenMobility now can reach more international investors that can invest in our green mobility solution.