Collaboration GreenMobility and IKEA

GreenMobility samenwerking met IKEA

We all know IKEA as the interior giant with affordable furniture and delicious Swedish balls. That’s why GreenMobility makes it even easier to give your home a new look! Starting from today, you can park for free at the new GreenMobility Hotspots at IKEA Wilrijk and IKEA Gent. 

VIP parking spaces at IKEA

From now on, you can drive to IKEA with GreenMobility! We have established new Hotspots where you can park for free at IKEA Wilrijk and IKEA Gent. As our Hotspots are part of the Zone, you can start and end your trips here. So if you decide to buy a new wardrobe, you can simply drive back to the city with one of our spacious vans.

GreenMobility samenwerking met IKEA

GreenMobility vans

Do you need extra space in the car for that new couch? Recently you can also rent our spacious vans to move larger furniture. It’s no more expensive to rent vans, so you just start paying from €0.25 per minute. You can find our vans in the app and start driving with GreenMobility to IKEA.