7 summer locations to discover with GreenMobility

locaties om met GreenMobility te bezoeken

The summer holidays call for new discoveries and long-lasting memories. That’s why we searched for 7 summer locations nearby to visit with GreenMobility. Pick your favourites for the next long weekend or visit them all with our summer offer on the 7-day package! 

7 summer locations around our Zone

As travelling abroad can still feel questionable for some, we picked a couple of local jewels to visit with a Green. Our mix of locations in the city centre and sights in different provinces has something for everyone. Pick one of our summer offers in the app and start your trip with a Green nearby!

1. Vlaeykensgang - Antwerp

We start our road trip close to the door (or zone). Where shoemakers used to practice their craft, now you can find cosy restaurants and art galleries. This little, historic street is located in Antwerp and is very easy to reach. Drive to the city centrer and walk through the small gate at the Oude Kroonmarkt 16. Now you can start enjoying this secret Antwerp jewel.

2. The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe - The Netherlands

To visit this nature-rich environment, we drive just over the border to our northern neighbours. The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe is located on the edge of the water and is home to tens of thousands of birds.  You can visit the nature reserve on your own – do not forget your boots – or tag along on a guided hike through muddy paths that are otherwise inaccessible. Bring a plastic bag for your boots afterwards to keep your Green clean!

3. Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert - Brussels

These stylish galleries are not only picture perfect, you can also discover the best of Belgium here. Enjoy the atmospheric stores, cosy cafés and delicious Belgian chocolate. Park at our Hotspot below Brussels Grand Place. From there you can walk to ‘Les Galeries Royales‘ in a few minutes, easy!

4. Meise Botanic Garden

The Meise Botanic Garden – one of the biggest botanic garden in the world – is the perfect activity when the weather is nice. The plant collection in this garden covers a green 92 acres. Want to take a look on a rainy day? The tropical plants in The Plant Palace are sure to keep you entertained for a while! The botanic garden is located between our three cities and easily accessible with a Green.

Ontwerp zonder titel - 2021-07-14T113719.033

5. Boat ride in the city - Ghent

The boats on Ghent’s inland waterways are no secret for our Ghent users. You can discover Ghent from a different angle than other tourists by joining a guided cruise, the Ghent Barge or doing a kayak trip. Would you rather take the wheel yourself? Everything is possible! Click here for an overview of all the boating possibilities on the water!

6. See-through church 'Reading between the Lines' - Borgloon

This unique location is situated a little further outside the zone, in Borgloon. More a work of art than a religious complex, this see-through church is a real eye-catcher. The artwork is very present in its landscape, while keeping its surrounding visible through the church. Recharge your Green in the Sint-Rochuslaan and enjoy the walk through the landscape!

7. Spotting wild seals on the beach - Nieuwpoort

For the last one of our summer locations, we drive to Nieuwpoort! Not only is there a lot to do in summer, you can also often spot wild seals. Visit the pier in Nieuwpoort or take a way along the Ijzermonding to have the best chance of seeing one up close. Charge your electric car locally at a public charging station before returning home.

Our electric cars are ready to take you to these summer locations. Choose the closest car in town and take advantage of our summer packages this month. Interested in learning more about longer trips with a Green?