5 things to do together (with mom)

Most Belgians, and other Western countries, will be celebrating Mother’s Day next Sunday on May 8th. It is thé day to pay tribute to all amazing mothers by giving gifts and/or spending time with them. However, in Antwerp, Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 15th – the name day of Mary, mother of Jesus – already since 1913. This actually happened before the rest of Belgium started celebrating this day!

Still, there is no harm in celebrating twice. That is why we selected five great activities to do with your mother, or someone else you would like to spoil that day. All activities take place next weekend, so you can focus on driving over there and enjoying your day together!

1. Watch flowers grow during Floraliën Ghent

When we say ‘spoil your loved ones’, we mean ‘spoil your loved ones’. During Floraliën Ghent in the Citadel Park, you get temporary access to the best creations of florists and garden architects from all over the world. Visit the most artistic creations together, sign up for a Night walk through the flowers, or get advice on the best houseplants for your home. The Floraliën only take place once every four years, so bring every flower-lover you know while you can!


2. 'Experience' chocolate in Chocolate Nation

Nothing says Mother’s Day like flowers… and chocolate! Take a chocolate lover to the largest Belgian chocolate museum and taste up to 10 different flavors of chocolate. Get a guided tour through Belgium’s chocolate history, or roll up your sleeves. You can surprise your mum, for example, with a workshop in one of the chocolate ateliers. So next time you’re craving chocolate, you can easily make it yourself!

3. Enjoy a sunny Bike Tour in Antwerp

Good news for anyone who love to be outside, because they are predicting good weather this weekend! Drive to the city center together and join a Bike Tour in the sunshine. A guide will lead you through the city, taking you to new places together. And because there are different formulas and routes, you can choose how far you want to go. Enjoy some quality time with your mom, family or friends in the heart of Antwerp.

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4. Book a karaoke box in Antwerp or Brussels

Feel like challenging your vocal cords together? Karaoke has always been a popular activity to do together with friends. However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about getting on a stage in a karaoke bar. Fortunately, several bars have found a solution, by renting out soundproof karaoke rooms. In Brussels (BOA) and Antwerp (JOYT), you can find several karaoke boxes to let loose with your mom or group of friends!

5. Escape an Escape Room with your family

Are you both not the biggest singers? Then, test how close your family bond is by escaping together from an escape room. The search for clues and patterns under time pressure is sure to make for a memorable activity. In Ghent, you have a big selection of different escape rooms, but you can find them in the rest of Belgium as well. Through this link, you can find the perfect escape for your family: whether you want to solve a murder together, escape from a prison or be a scientist in a lab!


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