Overshoot Day Belgium 2022

March 26th, 2022. Today we are crossing Earth Overshoot Day in Belgium. On this day, we have used up the renewable sources that the earth can provide for an entire year. Belgium is already the fifth country to cross this date this year alone. That’s four days earlier than last year. Only in 2020 – due to the lockdowns during the corona pandemic – did we move Overshoot Day back in time.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait on another lockdown as there are other ways to give the earth more breathing room. By staying motivated to change and focussing on the opportunities we have, we can move the date back. And what if we said that maybe you’re already taking steps in the right direction by driving green?

100 Possibilities to #MoveTheDate

Global Footprint Netwerk collected 100 ways to move Earth Overshoot Day back. To give you an easier starting point, we will list five opportunities you can work on together with GreenMobility.

Electric vehicles – Move The Date 2,5 days


Switching to electric vehicles improves the air quality and reduces CO² emissions. Each of our shared cars is 100% electric. In the current energy mix, the use of electric cars can push Overshoot Day back by 2,5 days. If we can also provide clean energy from renewable energy sources, the impact of electric vehicles will be even greater.

Car sharing – Move The Date 3 days


Households who engage in car sharing, reduce their transportation emissions on average by 4% – 18%. If more people join a car sharing platform such as GreenMobility, we can reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the climate. That way, we can move the date back by 3 days. You can register for free at GreenMobility to test out car sharing for yourself.

Reforming parking – Move The Date 10 days


By reforming parking in cities and putting more focus on pedestrian zones, alternative transport – such as car sharing, public transport or cycling – become more easily accessible. While you have to pay a lot for parking with a private car, you can already park completely free with GreenMobility in the city. Even better, smarter use of parking spaces makes more room for parks, sport facilities, culture, etc.  and we move Overshoot Day back by 10 days.

Renewable energy – Move The Date 26 days


If we can raise the amount of energy from clean, renewable sources from 39% to 75% in the total energy mix, we push Earth Overshoot Day back by 26 days. Our local charging partner, BlueCorner, provides our cars with electricity from renewable sources. So you can drive green with a clear conscience, whenever you want to use a GreenMobility car.

Smarter cities – Move The Date 29 days


Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and this proportion is still growing each year. By focusing on smarter cities with more efficient energy use, better communication systems and more flexible transport possibilities, we can react smoothly to a changing environment and move the date back by 29 days. With GreenMobility, we are working to make transport as flexible and accessible as possible, without compromising the climate.


Inspired to do more?

Are you already a GreenMobility user, and would you like to do more for Earth Overshoot Day? Visit their website below and reduce your ecological footprint with tips you can start on today. Don’t forget to tag us with the hashtag #MoveTheDate if you were inspired to book an electric car with us after reading this!