#MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day

March 30th 2021. This is the estimated day that we in Belgium will have used up earth’s renewable resources for this year. This is our Overshoot Day.

Perhaps you have heard about Earth Overshoot Day before. It marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. More simply put: When the Earth needs a year to regrow trees, provide new food and give us clean air, we humans will have used it all on August 22. For Belgium alone, this day would be as early as March 30th. The organization Global Footprint Network has been calculating this date since 2006. Since then, Earth Overshoot Day fell on an increasingly earlier date – until last year’s pandemic. As the pandemic resulted in less human activity, we pushed back Overshoot Day to where it stood some 15 years ago. But does it really have to take a pandemic for us to take action and #MoveTheDate?


We can all agree that it’s not sustainable to live as if we have four earths to consume. But when it comes to making a difference, we can sometimes feel small and insufficient. Then it’s important to remember that many a little makes a mickle. The campaign #MoveTheDate was formed for this exact purpose – to inform and inspire you to reduce your footprint so that we can move back Earth Overshoot Day together.


Personal mobility makes up 17% of humanity’s carbon footprint.

Not surprisingly, the petrol driven car is one of the biggest villains for the environment. As a matter of fact, personal mobility makes up 17% of humanity’s carbon footprint*. With a growing population in the cities, our ways of transportation could define our future on this planet.

Move the date 13 days

The solution? GreenMobility

Green, smart mobility solutions such as GreenMobility can play a central role in the future cities. If we only reduce our footprint from driving by 50% around the world, we can move back Earth Overshoot Day 13 days*. In other words, if you choose to share a Green instead of taking a private petrol car, you can make a big difference. You will choose the greener alternative, without compromising your flexibility.