Why should we share?

As it becomes increasingly important that we start to look after our limited resources, more and more people have begun to get involved in what we call the sharing economy. Did you know that every time you drive with GreenMobility, you are contributing to the sharing economy? Here we list lots of good things you contribute to every time you choose a Green over a petrol car.

Efficient use of each car

Too many cars are standing still most of the time. When we share the cars, you can let others can use the car whenever you don’t need it.


Fewer cars

By making sure to use each car more efficiently, the need to own your own car is reduced and there will eventually be fewer cars standing on the streets.

Less traffic

With fewer cars on the streets, there will be less traffic congestion. In addition, the risk of accidents is reduced when there are fewer cars and better traffic flow.

Lower emissions

Our fleet consist of 100% electric cars which reduce CO2 emissions and harmful substances. The cars are also made from recycled materials.

Quieter cities

Electric cars are much quieter than other cars. Imagine the difference it would be if all the cars in our cities were as quiet as our Zoe.

Frees up space

Since the cars are in constant motion, fewer parking spaces are needed. It frees up space in the cities that can be used for other purposes.

Lower costs

Sharing cars is also significantly cheaper than everyone owning their own car. With GreenMobility, you only pay for what you actually use.

Increased flexibility

With us, you can easily take the car from one point to another, and then leave it on the street to let the next user take over. Can it be more flexible?