The GreenMobility Zone

Here you can start and end your trip with GreenMobility.

GreenMobility operates in an area that covers Gothenburg and Malmö in Sweden. We call these areas the zone and this is where you can start and end your trip. You can always find a GreenMobility car within the zone around the streets of Gothenburg and Malmö. You cannot drive between the zones and end your trip; you always have to end it within the same zone where you started.

We also have smaller operating zones, which we call satellites. They cover smaller areas where you can also start and end your trip. You can see them marked with green in the app. These satellites include Landvetter airport and Lund. To Landvetter you can drive to/from the Gothenburg zone and it costs 69 kr. extra.

Gothenburg Zone

Malmö Zone

Easily drive out of the Zone

You are free to drive out of the zone but can only end your trip within the same zone where you started the trip, or at one of the satellite places mentioned above. If you need to park outside of the zone, you use the function “Stopover” in the app and the car will be locked and reserved for you.

If you drive outside of the zone you are responsible for making sure that you follow local parking rules and if you park on a spot that is subject to fee, you are responsible for paying for parking yourself.

What does a Stopover cost?

Stopover costs the same as your minute price, meaning that if you drive for normal minute price Stopover costs 6 kr./minute. If you drive for prepaid minutes it costs according to that, and if you driv on hour- or day package it does not costs any extra as long as you return the car back in time.

Park for free with GreenMobility

Within the zone you can park your GreenMobility for free on all municipal public parking spots outside with minimum 2 hours time-limit around the clock. 

You can also park on our so-called Hotspots. It is parking spots placed around the city that is reserved specifically for our cars. One of our Hotspots is located in the satellite zone at Landvetter. You can see more about all Hotspots in the app or here

In Lund the same parking rules as usual applies – you park for free on Lund Kommuns street parking with min. 2h time limit. It costs nothing extra to start or end your trip in Lund.  NB: you must park within the satellite zone in Lund, see where it goes in the app.

Longer trips outside the zone

Take a Green on your next vacation! We have package prices where you can rent a car for everything between 3h and up to 7 days to explore new places outside the cities as well. All you need to know about trips outside the zone is found here.

Always room for a Green

We’ve got a lot of Hotspots.

Easy parking in the city

Hotspots are parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility. You can always park your car on our Hotspots – and often find an available car. You can see all the Hotspots in the app, where you can click and see information on the individual parking options.

Call 010 750 23 43 for support

Drive over to Denmark!

From Malmö zone you can drive over the Öresundsbron and into Denmark to a cheaper price! You pay only 275,- each way and can save as much as 760,- back and forth. Experience all what Denmark has to offer and drive back to Malmö again to end your trip. Keep in mind that you cannot end your trip in Denmark but have to return the car to Malmö zone. We have collected everything you need to know when driving over to Denmark in a GreenMobility below.

Easiest option at the airport

You can efficiently get to and from Gothenburg Airport with our VIP parking spaces at Landvetter that are reserved only for you and your GreenMobility. You can find parking in P3 right across Landvetter entrance hall. It costs 69.- extra when you are going to or from Landvetter. We’ve also reserved a lot of VIP parking across the zone – we call them Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app.