A bunch of environmentally friendly EVs

At GreenMobility we only have 100% electrical cars.

GreenMobilitys environmental car fleet consists of Renault Zoe cars and Renault Kangoo vans. Both cars are soundless and drive on electricity from sun, wind and water which contribute to cleaner and better cities. For the moment, vi have 82 Zoe-cars in Gothenburg and Malmö respectively. In February 2022, each city will get 3 Kangoo vans each.

Renault Zoe ZE

Our Renault Zoe cars are made of 90% recyclable material, including two types of recycled plastic. Likewise, the interior fabrics are made from 100% recyclable materials. They run with automatic transmission and have a rear-view camera for easy navigation. Our cars are equipped with seatbelts that are specifically designed for small children so the whole family can drive safe.

Renault Kangoo

Do you need some extra space in the car for moving or shopping? Our electric Renault Kangoo vans have plenty of room. Whether you’re heading to IKEA, Byggmax or Bauhaus, buying groceries, moving you cousin’s stereo-set, setting up a street kitchen, or simply moving some stuff, Kangoo might be right for you!

Soon also available in Gothenburg and Malmö. 

Everything is included in the price

Charging, parking and insurance is always included, regardless if you drive for 2 minutes or 2 days. When you are finished there is no need to put the car back where you took it, simply park legally on a public parking spot. Easy.

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