Prices and packages

At GreenMobility, you can either pay as you go or buy a package with hours or days. Time for a weekend trip or summer vacation in Sweden? We have the sharpest prices on the market for your every need.

Invite friends and get 30 minutes
You get 30 free minutes for every friend that enter your unique code in the app upon registration. Your friend also gets 30 free minutes! Find the code in the app under “My profile”.
Earn minutes when charging the car
You can earn free minutes every time you charge a car that has less than 60% power. If the car has less than 60% power, you get 10 free minutes. Less than 40% = 15 minutes and 20% = 20 minutes.
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We offer the option of helping you give a giftcard to someone you want to spoil.

Easiest option at the airport

You can efficiently get to and from Gothenburg Airport with our VIP parking spaces at Landvetter that are reserved only for you and your GreenMobility. You can find parking in P3 right across Landvetter entrance hall. It costs 69.- extra when you are going to or from Landvetter. We’ve also reserved a lot of VIP parking across the zone – we call them Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app.

Prebook a car

You can prebook a car directly in the app and get it delivered to a chosen address at a chosen time. For 179,- we deliver the car right outside your door and for 109,- within 500m of a given address. Just like a regular taxi, you order transportation directly to the address, but simply drive the car yourself.