Rent a car on a minute basis

Only pay for the time you actually use the car. Be aware, that from the 7th of October a temporary energy fee of 1,5 kr/km is added to all prices. Insurance, electricity and parking are always included in the price, regardless of whether you drive for 2 minutes or 2 days.

Normal price - 6 kr./minute

When you unlock a car in the app, the minute price is automatically 6 kr. per minute. No fixed costs with insurance, electricity and parking always included.

Prepaid minutes

Drive to a cheaper minute price with our prepaid minutes. You pay for a set of minutes in advance which you can then use up whenever you want.

Hour and day packages

Buy a longer trip at a fixed price. Drive as far as you want, kilometers are included in the price. Choose between anything from 3 hours and up to 7 days.

Prepaid minutes

Pay in advance. Use when you want.

You pay for the minutes in advance, and can drive whenever you want. The minutes can be split up and used on different days. The minutes will be saved on your account for up to 12 months.


250 SEK


  • Drive for 4,1 SEK/min 
  • 60 minutes
  • Expire after 6 month
  • Cheap beginner package

Temporary energy fee on all driven km.

600 SEK


  • Drive for 3 SEK/min
  • 200 minutes
  • Expire after 6 months
  • Great value for money

Temporary energy fee on all driven km.

2240 SEK


  • Only 2,8 SEK/min
  • 800 minutes
  • Expires after 12 months
  • Car in many months

Temporary energy fee on all driven km.

Hour and day packages

Buy a longer trip to a fixed price.

With our hour and day packages you can use our electric cars for anywhere from 3 hours and up to 7 days. Do you have plans for a week’s holiday in Sweden or a longer weekend trip? Our cars are perfect for both shorter and longer trips. Be aware of the included kilometers and the temporary energy fee.

You buy all our packages directly in the app under “Packages”. When you buy a package, it is activated automatically when you unlock your next trip in one of our cars. Hour and day packages cannot be split up and used for more than one trip. If you already have prepaid minutes on your account and buy an hour or day package, your prepaid minutes will be saved for later.

If you drive more than the kilometers included in the package, each kilometer then costs 3 kr./km. If your package expires and you would like to drive for a longer time, you can easily purchase a new package in the app. Otherwise, you drive at 3 kr./minute. Note that the energy fee also applies on extra kilometers.

155 SEK

1 h

When the to-do list is extra long, you might need a full hour with a Green to get it all done. 

1 hour incl. 25 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

395 SEK

3 h

Need a car to do grocery shopping, visit a friend, or play a sport? 3h is perfect for a game of padel. 

3 hours incl. 100 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

425 SEK

5 h

Dinner with friends or a trip to the city? There is a ton of stuff to do, and our cars are ready!

5 hours incl. 150 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

545 SEK

10 h

You can do a lot for 10 hours. Maybe a trip to the amusement park or a day at the beach?

10 hours incl. 150 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

695 SEK

1 day

We make it easy to go to the spa, stay at a B&B, or go camping in the forest.

1 day (24 h) incl. 200 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

1295 SEK

2 days

Time to visit some friends or family or drive outside of the zone?

2 days (48 h) incl. 400 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

1845 SEK

3 days

You can easily go on an extended weekend. Our cars are ready!

3 days (72 h) incl. 600 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

3525 SEK

7 days

7 days holiday with a Green. Where do you want to go?

7 days incl. 1000 km

Temporary energy fee on all driven km

Longer trips outside the zone

Take a Green on your next vacation! We have package prices where you can rent a car for everything between 3h and up to 7 days to explore new places also outside the cities. All you need to know about trips outside the zone is found here.


Sign up: SEK 0
Minute price: SEK 6,00
Temporary energy fee: SEK 1,5 /km

Reservation price after the first 20 minutes of free reservation: SEK 1,5/min.
The Oresund Bridge: SEK 275 each way

In general
Invoice: SEK 150
Reminder fee: SEK 150
Pre-book Car: SEK 109 / SEK 179 / SEK 179 to the Airport
Administration fee: SEK 150
Excess: SEK 7500
Fee for breach of terms in case of financial consequences: On bill

Take care of the pieces – for your own sake and for the next user!
Loss of keys: SEK 7500
Loss of charging/parking card: SEK 3000
Charging cable (broken or lost): SEK 3000

Take care of the car – and the next user will love you!
Light cleaning due to e.g. garbage/paper in the car: SEK 1250
Heavier cleaning due to e.g. smoking/animals in the car: SEK 3000
Misuse of charging/parking card: SEK 7500 + consumption
Necessary extra cleaning of city car: SEK 3000
Removal of stickers, foil, etc. up to SEK 5500
Damaged rim: SEK 1250
Puncture: SEK 1750
Drying due to open window: SEK 850

Drive nicely – for your own sake and for the ones you love!
Driving without a valid drivers license: SEK 3000
Letting another person drive on your account: SEK 3000

Parking fines: Fine + administration fee
Fines and offense: Fine + administration fee
Relocation of a car parked inappropriately inside the zone, e.g. in front of a private driveway, bus lane, construction site: SEK 350
Relocation of a car by GreenMobility outside the zone: SEK 2000
Towing of the car inside or outside the zone by a towing company (due to the customer’s violation of the rental terms): SEK 3000
Service by car (only in case of customer’s own fault): On bill + towing


We offer the option of helping you give a giftcard to someone you want to spoil.

Invite friends and get 30 minutes
You get 30 free minutes for every friend that enter your unique code in the app upon registration. Your friend also gets 30 free minutes! Find the code in the app under “My profile”.
Earn minutes when charging the car
You can earn free minutes every time you charge a car that has less than 60% power. If the car has less than 60% power, you get 10 free minutes. Less than 40% = 15 minutes and 20% = 20 minutes.
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Get answers to all your questions

Before you start your trip  

Use the app to reserve and unlock the car. You will find all the information about the vehicles (range, type etc.) when selecting and browsing the available cars. Before unlocking a car, you can choose to reduce your liability insurance to 750 SEK for just 30 SEK extra.

You can choose to unlock the car right away by pressing “Unlock Now” – or make a reservation by pressing “Reserve Now!”. The first 20 minutes of your reservation are free.

It costs 1,5 SEK per minute to reserve the car after your 20 minutes of free reservation time. You only pay for the minutes your reservation is on-going after the 20 minutes of free reservation.

I.e. you choose to reserve the car for 1 hour, but you unlock the car after 35 minutes. Then you will pay for 15 minutes of reservation time. Note that the 20 minutes are free, for each trip you actually take per day.

If your reservation expires, before you unlock the car, your reservation will end and the car will again be visible for other users. Note that you will pay for your reservation if the period is over 20 minutes and you do not choose to make use of your reservation.

I.e. you choose to reserve the car for 1 hour, but you do not unlock the car and start the trip. Then you will pay for 40 minutes of reservation time.

Your trip will start when the car is unlocked. Please note that you have full responsibility of the car, until your trip has ended and the car is locked.


Parking is free with GreenMobility

It is free to park with GreenMobility and you do not have to return the car where you took it. Inside the Zone, you can park your GreenMobility for free on all public outdoor parking spaces with a minimum of 2 hours time limit around the clock. You can also park at one of our so-called Hotspots. There are places around the city that are specifically reserved for GreenMobility cars. You see all Hotspots directly in the app.

Read more about parking here.


Do I pay extra for every kilometer?


No you do not have to pay extra for kilometers with GreenMobility. In our normal price and our prepaid minutes the price per kilometer is already included so you never have to think about how far you drive. §

When you buy our hour and day packages, a fixed number of kilometers is included that you can use up free of charge. See how many kilometers are included under each package. If you drive longer than the number of kilometers included in the package, each km thereafter costs 3 kr./km. If you drive longer than the time that its included in the price it’s also an extra 3 kr./minute.


Can I buy several packages in a row?


Yes you can. If your package is about to run out, you can buy a new package in the app and it will automatically start when your current package has run out.


Insurance with GreenMobility


VOur cars have liability and accident insurance, comprehensive insurance and insurance for theft, but there is a deductible of 7500 SEK per claim. You have the option to reduce your liability insurance to 750 SEK by purchasing and paying 30 SEK before you start the trip via the popup in the app.

If you get any damage to the car when it is in your care, please contact our customer service, who makes a registration of that there has been a damage to the car.

You are furthermore entitled to report any damage by filling out and submitting damage claims report and send it to our customer service.

What does it cost to do a Stopover?


Stopover costs the same as your minute price, ie. if you drive for the normal minute price, Stopover costs 6 kr./minute. If you drive for prepaid minutes, it costs accordingly. If you drive on an hourly or daily package, it costs nothing extra as long as you return the car on time.


What does it cost to charge the car?


It costs nothing to charge a GreenMobility, just use the charging card in the glove compartment. We even make sure to reward you with free minutes if you put a car to charge within our zone. Read more about charging here.

60% power give 10 free minutes, 40% power give 15 free minutes and 20% power give 20 free minutes. The minutes automatically enter your account after you have charged the car and completed your trip.


What does it cost to park at Landvetter?


We have VIP parking at Landvetter Airport in parking garage P3. It costs 69 kr. extra to park or pick up a car at Landvetter. Read more about our Hotspot at Landvetter here.


What does it cost to prebook a car?


You can prebook one of our cars and have it delivered to any address. It costs 109 kr. to have a car delivered within 500m of an address and 179 kr. to get it right outside the door. Read more about prebooking here.


What does it cost to drive over Oresund Bridge?


We have BroBizz in our cars, which means that you can easily drive over the Oresund Bridge and into Denmark with a GreenMobility. It costs 275 kr. one way and the amount is automatically added to your invoice. Just remember that you can not end your trip in Denmark but must drive the car back to Malmö Zone when you are done with your trip. Learn more about driving over the Oresund Bridge here.