Prebook a car directly to an address inside the zone

To be sure that a car is available at the time you need it, get it delivered to an address close by

You can prebook an electric car directly in the app. You get the car delivered close to your front door or at a desired address in Gothenburg or Malmö – within the zone and at the time you need it.

Just like a regular taxi, you order transportation directly to the address, but simply drive the car yourself. You can fit five people, it’s flexible, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

How it works

Do you already know that you will need a car for a meeting next week or for transport to the airport? Prebook in the app.

You will receive an SMS confirmation. You must approve this one. Afterwards, one of our street-runners delivers a car shortly before the scheduled time. You will receive a message when the car is ready for you.

Prebooking must be confirmed min. 10 hours before you need the car. 


Delivery to an address: SEK 179

Delivery within 500 meters from the desired address: SEK 109

A trip with GreenMobility from e.g. Kungsportsavenyn in central Gothenburg to Landvetter airport costs approximately SEK 240-320 incl. extra delivery- and airportcosts. Corresponding taxi trip costs between SEK 445 – 700, depending on time and traffic.

If you wish to have a car delivered to Landvetter airport it costs SEK 179.

Prebook in the app.


Download the app and prebook right away.

Download i Google Play Download i AppStore

Go to the menu in the app and press “Prebook”.

NOTE: Prebooking of cars is only possible for addresses within the zone in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Drive and leave the car at the desired destination within the zone. Easy, convenient and green. See our parking rules here.

Call 010 750 23 43 for support