Park for free all around the city

We know parking can be difficult and expensive. Therefore, we have made it both easy and free for you!

With GreenMobility you can pick up a car at the street and drive wherever – and then simply leave it on the street again.

You don’t have to worry about putting the car back where you got it. Or about paying parking, we’ll take care of it all!

If you want to keep the car to continue driving later you are free to do so. Use the function “Stopover” in the app.

Overview parking rules

  • Public street parking belonging to Parkering Göteborg or Parkering Malmö with min. 2h time limit (within the Zone)
  • GreenMobility Hotspots
  • Chosen InCharge charging stations in Gothenburg
  • Parking garage (except from chosen Hotspots)
  • Private parking companies (Aimo Park, APCOA Parking/Europark etc.)
  • Private parking or private charging stations
  • Parking for disabled
  • Taxi spot or loading area
  • Within 24h on a street with environmental parking/service time

Parking Malmö

Within Gothenburg’s zone you park for free on all on-street parking and all outdoor parking lots that belong to Parkering Göteborg. That includes both parking along the streets marked with blue parking signs, as well as whole parking lots outside (e.g. Heden parking). Outside of the zone the customer pays for parking themselves.

Parking Malmö

Within Malmö’s zone you park for free on all on-street parking that belong to Parkering Malmö. That includes parking along the streets marked with blue parking signs. It does not include whole parking lots that require a fee 24 hours a day, regardless if they belong to Parkering Malmö. Outside of the zone the customer pays for parking.

Always room for a Green

We’ve got a lot of Hotspots.

Easy parking in the city

Hotspots are parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility. You can alsways park your car on our Hotspots – and often find an available car. You can see all the Hotspots in the  app, where you can click and read information on the individual parking options.

Here you can park for free

You can park your GreenMobility for free within the zone on all municipal public parking spots outside with minimum 2 hours time-limit around the clock. Remember to put out the parking disc if you park in an area with time-limit.

You can also park on our so-called Hotspots. It is parking spots placed around the city that is reserved specifically for our cars. You can see all Hotspots in the app or here.

If you drive outside of the zone and park on a parking spot that is subject to a charge, you are responsible for paying for parking yourself. Keep in mind that you should always use the function “Stopover” outside of the zone and that you have to return the car to the zone where you started the trip.

Park on longer trips

Take a ‘Green’ for vacation! We have package deals where you can rent a electric car for 3h, 7 days or anything in between.  All you need to know prior to longer trips outside of the Zone you can find here.

Here you can't park

You cannot park on parking regulated by private actors (e.g. Aimo Park, APCOA Parking/Europark, Innovativ Parkering i Göteborg). We only have collaboration with Parkering Göteborh and Parkering Malmö.

You cannot park and end your trip on the following places either: private parking (incl. ‘förhyrda platser’ and ‘endast besökande’), private charging stations, parking for disables, taxi or loading.

In addition, there are some parking areas that we do not have permission to park our cars on. These are our NO parking zones, which are marked with red boxes on the map in the app. If you are about to end your trip here, the app will notify you that the tour cannot be completed.

Watch out for street cleaning

Keep an eye out for service days when it is forbidden to park on the a specific street due to cleaning or snow clearance. It is forbidden to park a GreenMobility within 24 hours of the weekday and time that is written on the road sign in connection to the street. Meaning that if the sign to the right here is in connection to a street you cannot park there between Sunday 8:00 and Monday 10:00 on odd weeks.

Call 010 750 23 43 for support

Earn free minutes

You can earn free minutes if the car is below 60% on its battery, by charging it. You can earn up to 20 min. if you help the next user and plug in a car for charging after your trip.

Car under 60% = 10 min.
Car under 40% = 15 min.
Car under 20% = 20 min.

The minutes will be added automatically to your account after the car is plugged in and the trip is ended. You can charge on all E.ON chargers in Malmö and on all InCharge chargers in Gothenburg. Remember to use Type 2 chargers.

Easiest option at the airport

You can efficiently get to and from Gothenburg Airport with our VIP parking spaces at Landvetter that are reserved only for you and your GreenMobility. You can find parking in P3 right across Landvetter entrance hall. It costs 69.- extra when you are going to or from Landvetter. We’ve also reserved a lot of VIP parking across the zone – we call them Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app.