Milestone: over 100.000 users!

We have reached a great milestone. Today, GreenMobility have reached over 100.000 users, and together, they have saved the environment of more than 1800 tons CO2 by driving our cars.


“100.000 users and over 1800 tons CO2 truly is an impressive target. It’s amazing to see so many supporting our green mobility solution,” says our happy CEO, Thomas Heltborg Juul.

Ever since 2016, when GreenMobility was founded, our users have saved 1800 tons CO2. It corresponds to:

  • Around 7346 trips flying from Copenhagen to Rome  
  • Or the same amount of CO2 emissions it takes to produce 1,8 million liters of milk. 

Fun fact: Yesterday, our users collectively drove around 2/3 of the globe – in just on day. That’s cool!


“This is a collective project that truly creates meaning, and without our users we would have never been able to reach our green goal of cleaner cities with less pollution, something that we work towards every day. We have the most awesome users and workers,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul.

Amongst the many new users, all Swedish users that have registered since the lunch in June are counted in. In September GreenMobility will expand to another two cities – stay tuned for more info!


“It has been fantastic to see how positively both users and the two new cities Malmö and Gothenburg think of our concept. We are very excited to continue our expansion throughout new cities in Europe,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul.

At last, we would like to thank our amazing users that help us save CO2, create cleaner and quieter cities. We look forward to doing even more together!