GreenMobility's cities: Here's where you find us

Ever since 2020, GreenMobility has expanded to several international countries and cities, and is currently present in eight European cities. Here you can read about each city and see where you can use GreenMobility’s electric cars when you travel within Europe. Our green journey, it has just begun.

Eight cities, 950 electric cars and over 130,000 users – 2020 was an exciting but different year for GreenMobility. Despite a prevailing pandemic, we managed to launch as much as five new cities. The first to be introduced to GreenMobility were Malmö and Gothenburg in Sweden, followed by Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium and lastly Helsinki in December 2020. In the spring of 2021, we also launched in the Belgian capital, Brussels. If you are in one of our eight cities, you can easily use our electric cars and open them in the same way as always via the app. However, you should be aware that the parking rules and other traffic rules in the city you are in may differ from your hometown. Read about how to park your Green on each country’s website, and keep track of the national traffic rules.

Gothenburg - city of funny jokes

Gothenburg, together with Malmö, were the first cities to be launched outside Denmark. Gothenburg, which is Sweden’s second largest city with its more than 500,000 inhabitants, was launched in the middle of the summer on 15 June 2020. There are a total of 100 electric cars and ten Hotspots spread across the city with over 30 parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility alone. If you land at Landvetter Airport, you can also pick up a Green from parking garage P3 and get into town in no time.

Malmö - connecting all of Skåne

Similarly as Gothenburg, Malmö was launched in the middle of the summer of 2020 and was a natural expansion from Copenhagen on the other side of the bridge. Here, too, there are 100 electric cars that are available to all Malmö residents. If you want to drive over to Lund, you are free to both start and end your trip there in our so-called satellite zone. In Malmö there are 7 Hotspots with a total of 30 places where there is always free parking. From Malmö you can also drive over the Oresund Bridge and on to Copenhagen with a Green.

Copenhagen - our birth place

It was in the Danish capital Copenhagen that GreenMobility’s journey started back in 2016. Today Copenhagen is our largest operating city with over 400 electric cars, a widespread zone that extends over large parts of northern Zealand and almost 30 hotspots. Here we have thousands of daily users and GreenMobility has grown to become a central part of the city’s infrastructure. You who visit Copenhagen can easily use the cars in the city via your regular app, or simply drive over the bridge from Malmö with a Green.

Aarhus - in the heart of Jutland

With 100 new electric cars, GreenMobility expanded to Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus in Jutland, by the end of 2019. It was the first city other than Copenhagen to be launched in the history of GreenMobility and we we’re welcomed with open arms. There are about 10 Hotspots here, one of which is in collaboration with the private airline Nordic Seaplanes where you can take a Green into town after landing. Very flexible!

Antwerpen - down the continent

GreenMobility went outside Scandinavia for the first time in September 2020 and opened in the Belgian cities of Antwerp and Ghent. 150 of our electric cars are spread throughout the city of Antwerp, and there are six Hotspots where you can park for free. If you land at Brussels Airport, you can find a Green in the garage and drive to Antwerp in about 40 minutes. All cars can be opened in the app, so if you visit one of our Belgian cities, you can easily drive an electric car in the same way as back home.

Gent - our most southern city

Ghent, just south of Antwerp, is so far the southernmost city that GreenMobility has launched in. This student city opened its doors the same day as Antwerp did in September 2020. In this slightly smaller Belgian town, we provide a fleet of a total of 50 electric cars and there are three Hotspots with parking for your Green and a satellite zone at IKEA a few miles away.

Helsinki - our most northern city

To our neighbors to the east, you can find our northernmost city in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. On December 15, 2020, we unleashed a fleet of GreenMobility electric cars for the Finnish citizens to try out. Helsinki has a strong focus on green initiatives and was the first to adopt the UN’s goals for sustainable development. It was therefore an natural choice for GreenMobility to offer a green and sustainable mobility solution to the city’s over 600,000 inhabitants.

Brussels - the capital of EU

In April 2021, GreenMobility opened in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Initially, we have established some parking spaces with free parking at Brussels Airport, two locations in the city center and right next to the EU headquarters. This makes it easy to get into for instance the city center when arriving to Brussels Airport in the future. There is roaming between our three cities in Belgium, which means you can drive between the three cities in our electric cars and leave the car in a different zone than where you started the trip.

Throughout 2021, we have plans to open up in additional cities around Europe. Next in line is a region in southern Germany and Oslo in Norway. Stay tuned!