Green Easter activities 馃悾

This year’s Easter will probably be a little different, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any fun things to do. With an electric car standing outside the door, there are endless opportunities… Here we list some things you can do with a Green.

Join our egg hunt!

On Saturday 3/4, you can participate in our egg hunt! The Easter bunny itself will place 10 Easter eggs filled with candy and free minuts in 10 different GreenMobility cars in your city.聽Go out on the town and use our app聽to see where the nearest cars are parked and look for eggs laying in the passenger seat.聽馃嵀

First swim this year?

Whether you are one of those who love swimming in the winter, or if you normally only swim during the summer months, we think you should book a Green and drive to the ocean this Easter. The sound of waves crashing, the cool wind and the smell of salt… it’s simply a perfect day trip!

Hand out Easter card

You can also be an Easter bunny! 馃惏 Jump into a GreenMobility and drive around town to wish friends and family Happy Easter from a safe corona distance. Perhaps even bring an Easter egg filled with sweets? If you want to mix up your Easter wishes, you can try the Danish Easter tradition “g忙kkebrev” – read more about it a bit further down.

Get out of town

Take a longer weekend for 3 days or max out your Easter holiday with an electric car for a full 7-day week – right now we have a 30% discount on our 3 and 7 day packages! Drive to a聽place you’ve missed to recharge your batteries with good food, lots of sweets and hopefully some sun 馃尋 The offer is valid until 11/4 and you buy it in the app.

"G忙kkebrev" - a Danish twist on Easter cards

To honor GreenMobility’s birthplace – Copenhagen – we also tip about a Danish Easter tradition! Here is everything you need to know about sending a so-called g忙kkebrev.

1. First you cut out the actual聽g忙kkebrev: fold a piece of paper and cut beautiful patterns using scissors (see the video below).

2. You write a rhyme. The most common rhyme in Danish is “Mit navn det st氓r med prikker, pas p氓 det ikke stikker”. In Swedish, the rhyme could sound something like this: “Mitt namn 盲r skrivet i prickar, kan du gissa vem det 盲r som skickar?” But what you write is entirely up to you – let your imagination run wild!

3. Then, sign off the letter with your name written in dots. The idea is that you don’t actually print the letters in your name, but make a dot for each letter instead聽(which explains the rhyme above). For example, the name “Green Mobility” would be like this: 路路路路路 路路路路路路路路

4. Take a Green from the street and leave your g忙kkebrev in the mailbox of someone you know well. In turn, this person must guess who sent the letter. If the person guess right before Easter is over, you owe them an Easter egg, but if they do not聽guess it right, they owe you an Easter egg! 馃槈

5. Since this is not as an established tradition in Sweden, it may be a good idea to send a small note to explain that this is a g忙kkebrev in which they have to guess who has sent the letter.

Good luck! 馃摦