The Green Community – When we share electric cars

What does it mean to be a GreenMobility driver? How far are you willing to go to take an electric car? And what kind of community is created among all those who share electric cars?

In our most recent customer survey, we got to know our users even better, gained insight into what motivates them to drive green and in which areas we can improve.

Our users are the greenest type of car drivers, who share electric cars that are 100% green; to easily get around the city, drive to a party and simply leave the car on the street, to shop, drive to work or visit family and friends, and to reduce noise and pollution in the cities and jointly contribute to a greener future.

But what does it mean to be a car sharing enthusiast? And what motivates people to be a green, environmentally conscious driver?

9 out of 10

users claim to be happy with our service.


have told family and friends about us.


drive GreenMobility because it’s easy and smart.

More freedom and less fixed costs

The feeling of freedom often plays a role in the decisions we take. Will we buy a holiday home, commit to long-term contracts and own our own car? Or will we instead borrow, rent and stream our way to endless experiences and things?

For many in the members of GreenMobility, the freedom lies in having fewer fixed costs, such as all the costs that come with having to own a car.


“The world’s best idea, truly. I love how easy it is to find a car and just take off right when I need it.” – GreenMobility user 2022.

According to our users, one of the primary benefits of renting an electric car through GreenMobility is that you only pay for what you use. At the same time, you are free from all responsibility that comes with owning a car yourself, and not having to pay for insurance, fuel and maintenance, which can oftentimes be large costs when owning a car.

A green community

As the climate challenges continue to increase, we must come together to make a change by sharing, instead of owning and constantly buying new.

We can share and recycle clothes, share electronics, rent out our homes and share with others when we travel. And then, we can share cars.

At GreenMobility, users share electric cars with each other, often instead of owning one themselves, instead of car no. 2 or as a complement to public transport and cycling.

For many, it can create a sense of community when people to do something good for the environment together.


“I see this type of mobility solution as an absolute necessity for us to reach the committed climate and environmental goals. I have been waiting a long time for an electric car pool to arrive to my city.” – GreenMobility användare 2022.

At GreenMobility, we are over 150,000 users. Our users represent all ages, from 18-year-olds with newly acquired driving licenses to the very oldest at 93 years. Despite widely differing views and places in life, everyone agrees on at least one point: that they do something good for the climate by choosing the electric car over the petrol or diesel car.


“Med tanke på klimatet och andra faktorer skall ingen äga en bil, och absolut inte fossila bilar i det moderna samhället.” – GreenMobility användare 2022.

For many of our users, the environment and sustainability aspect is a motivating factor for using our car sharing concept. Even to the extent that as many as 77% are willing to go a little further to be able to take an electric car instead of a diesel or petrol car.

So the next time you take a Green to get from A to B, keep in mind that you are contributing to a greater cause along with hundreds of other GreenMobility users. 💚