What are the rules when you drive over the Øresund Bridge

You who starts from the Malmö Zone can now take a GreenMobility and drive over the Øresund Bridge and the border to Denmark.

At GreenMobility, we make sure to follow the travel restrictions as determined by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in consideration with COVID-19. On July 29th the Ministry for Foreign Affairs opened up for travels from Sweden to Denmark, and as of that we are happy to announce a collaboration between GreenMobility and the Øresund bridge where you easily and to a cheaper price can drive over the strait. You will find everything you need to know here.

Hitta ett paket som passar dina behov

Are you going away for a few hours or whole days? We have packages from 3 hours and up to 7 days. You buy the packages directly in the app.

Choose a car in the app and check for power

With 100% power the car drives approx. 270 km, 80% =  215 km and 60% = 160 km. Make sure the power is enough to get forth and back. 

Drive cheap over the Øresund Bridge

Drive over the Øresund Bridge through the BroBizz-passage. You only pay SEK 275 each way, and can save up to SEK 760. Cheap!

End your trip inside the Zone in Sweden

Make a “Stopover” in the app when you park under your trip, don’t end it until you are back in the Malmö Zone again. You pay for parking. 

Skåne + Danmark = True

Lovely Denmark, we have missed you!

Here we’ll list some tips that will make you want to jump into a GreenMobility and drive over the bridge right away.

Experience the capital of lovely Copenhagen. Return to your beloved restaurants, walk around the shops at Strøget or visit ReffenCopenhagen Street Food and taste flavors from all over the world!

If you take a left instead of right after the Oresunds bridge you will end up at Dragør. A cozy, old fishing village with charming cobbled streets and small, mustard yellow houses.

If you want to get away a bit further, we suggest a road trip along Strandvejen that follows the coast where cozy towns lie on landslide. Humlebæk, Hornbæk, Gilleleje and Tisvilde are a few destinations worth a stop along the so called ”Danish Riviera”. Or perhaps you want to check out the latest exhibition at LouisianaMuseum of modern art?

How does it work?

When you drive over the bridge with a GreenMobility the payment will be registered directly through the car’s license plate, and you drive through the BroBizz-passage, along the green lines into the payment station. You don’t have to stop or do anything under your trip over the bridge, just drive! It costs SEK 275 each way to drive over with a GreenMobility car. The fee will automatically be added to your invoice and charged from your credit card after hand. Once again you don’t have to do anything, can it be any easier?

What do I do with the car?

Same rules as when you drive out of the Zone applies here, you always have to drive back the car and end the ride in the same Zone where you started it. If you drive from Malmö over to Denmark you cannot end your ride in the Copenhagen Zone, you have to drive it back to Malmö. If you leave the car in Copenhagen you will have to pay a ticket of SEK 3000 plus bridge fee. During the trip in Denmark you are free to stop the car, just use the function “Stopover” in the app to lock the car while you drive.

Rent a car for 10 hours at a price of only SEK 545, or over two days for SEK 1295. Check out our different hour- and day packages to see which one fits your needs.

Park and charge

When you park in Denmark you have to follow the Danish parking rules and pay if the chosen parking requires you to do so. Unfortunately, our Hotspots are only available for the Danish GreenMobility cars and you cannot park there with a Swedish car as of today, and therefore we suggest that you read up on the Danish parking rules.    

The same applies charging in Denmark, it is unfortunately not possible to use the Swedish charging cards on the Danish E.ON chargers. Therefore, we ask you to make sure that the car has enough electricity to get both forth and back to your destination in Denmark. Our cars have a range of 250-270 km when fully charged. If the cards run out of power in Denmark, you will be charged a fee to tow the car back to Sweden.

Longer trips

Take a ‘Green’ for vacation! We have package deals where you can rent a electric car for 3h, 7 days or anything in between.  All you need to know prior to longer trips outside of the Zone you can find here.

Call 010 750 23 43 for support

Prebook a car

You can prebook a car in the app and get it delivered at a chosen address at a chosen time. For 179,- we deliver the car right outside your doorstep and for 109,- within 500m of a chosen address. It’s just like taking a taxi, but you are your own driver!