Your guide for charging the cars

Our electric Zoe drive between 270-300 km on a full battery, and our Street-team try to charge the cars as often as they can. Even so, you might have to connect or disconnect a car from its charger sometime. Here you’ll find everything you need to know.

It’s good karma to connect the car to a charging point once in a while! If the car has under 60% power you can earn up to 20 free minutes by charging the car. You help both the next user and yourself. The minutes will automatically go into your account.

Where can you charge?

Hotspots with charging:

  • Karl Johansgatan 81
  • Konserthuset 
  • Nordanvindsgatan
  • Valhalla

At our Hotspots you can always find a free chargingspot.

Other places with charging:

  • Betzensgatan 1
  • Doktor Liborius Gata 9
  • Doktor Westrings Gata 13
  • Skolgatan 3

Other places with charging:

  • Heden Engelbrektsgatan 2
  • Humoreskgatan 1
  • Johan Willins Gata 2
  • Kapellgatan 12
  • Karl Johansgatan 81
  • Karl Johansgatan 11
  • Lindholmsallén 30
  • Wieselgrensgatan 4H
  • Anders Carlssons gata 15
  • Therese Svenssons gata 4


In Gothenburg, we have an agreement with Göteborg Energi in which you have permission to charge our cars for free on selected InCharge charging posts, and at the following four Hotspots: Valhalla, Nordanvindsgatan, Konserthuset and Karl Johansgatan 81. To the left you can see a list of all our charging stations.

Remember to bring out the charging card from the glove compartment before charging. Use the black card from Göteborg Energi when you charge within our zone in Gothenburg. When going on longer trips outside of the zone, you use the blue InCharge-card instead. Hold the card over a charging post to open the terminal and start charging. You will find a step-by-step guide below.

It is not allowed to park or charge the car here

It is not permitted to park or charge the car on Göteborg Energi’s fast charger. We have marked these fast chargers as “No parking zones” so you can not end your trip here. Instead, choose any of the flash-marked locations in the app. Thanks!


In Malmö, you can charge at four of our Hotspots: P-huset Anna, P-huset Södervärn, P-huset Hyllie and P-huset Bagers Plats. 

In these parking houses, you should first and foremost charge the car on one of our own spaces that are signposted with “Reserverade platser” and “GreenMobility”. There, you do not have to use the orange card from the glove compartment to charge, you can just put in the charger right away. Read about how to find our Hotspots here.

If all spots at our Hotspot are occupied, you can park and charge the car at one of E.ON’s charging stations in the same parking house. There, you should use the orange E.ON card from the glove compartment. Also use this card when charging on trips outside of the zone. Hold the card over a charging post to open the terminal and start charging. You will find a step-by-step guide below.

Charging on longer trips

Take a Green on your next vacation! You charge for free at all E.ON and InCharge stations throughout Sweden, regardless of if you start in Malmö or Gothenburg. All you need to know about trips outside the Zone is found here.

How to charge?

How to connect the car:

1) Start inside. Open the front logo cover on the car by pushing the switch with the charger icon on the left of the stearing wheel.
2) Take the card from the glove compartment and hold it close to the charger to open the port (exception on our Hotspots in Malmö).
3) Get out the charging cable from the trunk.
4) Plug the cable first into the socket on the car, and then in the charger.
5) Place the card back into the cardholder in the glove compartment.

How to disconnect the car:

1) Unlock the car
2) Press the switch with the charger icon on the left of the stearing wheel.
3) Unplug the cable from the car.
4) Take the other end of the cable our of the charger’s socket.
5) Place the cable back into the trunk.

Should the cable be stuck use the card from the glove compartment on the charger. 

Ending your trip.

Park easily and end your trip.

Free parking is always nearby

You end the trip in the app and can park the car on all public parking spaces within our zones with at least 2 hours parking limit. We have also reserved a lot of VIP-parking spaces around the zon – we call them Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app. Here you’ll always find easy and free parking.

Call 010 750 23 43 for support

Earn free minutes

You can earn free minutes if the car is below 60% on its battery, by charging it. You can earn up to 20 min. if you help the next user and plug in a car for charging after your trip.

Car under 60% = 10 min.
Car under 40% = 15 min.
Car under 20% = 20 min.

The minutes will be added automatically to your account after the car is plugged in and the trip is ended. You can charge on all E.ON chargers in Malmö and on all InCharge chargers in Gothenburg. Remember to use Type 2 chargers.