Tomorrow's cars are electric and shared - also for companies!

Flexible business solution with access to over 100 electric cars around the city.

GreenMobility Business offers a flexible solution to companies that want their employees to drive green when at work. With our business solution, you get access to our many electric cars that are spread around the streets of Malmö, as well as around several of Europe’s larger cities. It is the perfect means to get to and from meetings, go to the airport or for other work-related errands. In our business app, you can locate the closest car, reserve and unlock it. Drive to the desired destination and end the trip in the app. With GreenMobility Business, you make a greener choice for the company and its employees, and contribute to reduced CO2 emissions, pollution and noise in our cities. In addition, you get free VIP-parking in the city center and can use our service in all cities around Europe where we are located. You drive for as little as SEK 2.24 per minute. Power, insurance, maintenance and parking within the zone is always included in the price.

One app and portal

Access to hundreds electric cars at work

Use our hundreds of electric cars around Sweden and Europe as your company cars. Get around easily during working hours, to and from meetings or the airport.

One app for all employees

Choose which employees gets access to the cars via the app. The app is linked to your company account and makes it easy for several employees to drive on the same account.

Full overview in the business portal

In our business portal, you can add new employees, get an overview of trips and track your CO2 savings. Choose if you want to pay by invoice or credit card.

Be part of creating a better tomorrow

Do something good for the climate by driving in our electric cars that do not emit any harmful substances and drive on renewable electricity. Every kilometer counts.

We make your green transition measurable

With GreenMobility Business, your company and employees are guaranteed green driving during working hours. Our cars are 100% electric and emit no harmful substances. In our portal, you get an overview of how much CO2 you save overall by driving an electric car rather than a petrol car. Together we make a difference to improve our climate and lower congestion, pollution, and urban noise.

Get a car delivered to the office

If you need a car at a specific point in time, we can deliver a car to your office or any other desired address within our zone. This way you can be sure that there is a car available right at the time when you need it. It’s just like a regular taxi – you order a means of transport directly to an address, the only difference is that you drive the car yourself.

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+800 companies

More than 800 companies have chosen the green solution. Do you want your company to get onboard?

Over 2.000 tons of CO2 saved

Real climate change depends on us making the right choices for ourselves, our employees and customers.

8 greener cities

We are a part of tomorrow’s mobility solution and aim to be in 35 European cities by year 2025. Join us!

We make it easy to drive green at work

Add an unlimited number of employees

In our business portal, you can easily add all employees that want to be a part of the business account and start driving green. Once they have been added, employees will receive an email with a link to create a user in our business app. The process is quick and easy.

Overview of usage, trips and costs

In the portal, you can follow the company’s activity and usage, create or assign trips to different projects and review all your costs. Here you also choose whether you want to pay by invoice or by credit card. GreenMobility Business is a simple and convenient alternative to having a company car.

Follow your CO2 savings

The portal also gives you a full overview of how much CO2 you are saving by driving our electric cars as compared to a petrol car. Our electric cars do not emit any harmful substances and are powered by renewable energy. Further, shared electric cars replace 7 ordinary cars, improve the air and is better for the climate. The benefits of GreenMobility Business are many!

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We are a team of over 100 dedicated employees who are constantly working to create better and greener cities by improving our mobility solution.

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We are part tomorrow’s mobility solution, and our growth is driven by the three ‘megatrends’ – urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy.