We're electric about the future

Imagine a world where our cities are free from all noise, congestion and pollution. A world where we focus on sharing rather than owning more and more...

What would a world as such be like?

Let's shift focus from a me-culture to an us-culture, and start to share more for the sake of the environment and our future cities.

What is GreenMobility?

GreenMobility operates an efficient free-float carsharing platform in a range of European cities. With our app, you can find a car on the street, drive where you need to, and then just leave the car within our zone again. Do not worry about putting the car back where you took it. You can also prebook a car and get it delivered right outside your door. In doing so, we are the front runners of a future where shared cars, taxi driving and rental cars are merged. Follow along as we revolutionize the mobility in our future cities.

Our story

Since 2016, GreenMobility have been operating an efficient free-float carsharing platform in Copenhagen, Denmark where our founder Henrik Isaksen started it all. Now, GreenMobility has entered an expansion phase and opened three new markets in 2020: Sweden, Finland and Belgium. Every day, a dedicated team of over 100 employees, work to improve and revolutionize the mobility in some of Europes biggest cities. With thousands of trips every day we help reduce traffic congestion and save the environment from harmful CO2 emissions. GreenMobility operates in a market driven by a number of important mega-trends – urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy.









Dedicated team

We are a team of more than 80 passionate employees continuously working to create better and greener cities by improving our mobility solutions.

Customers first

We do a lot for our customers.  Maybe that’s why 91% of our customers tell friends and family about us and give us 4.5 out of 5 possible stars on Trustpilot.

We're green

We are part of the future’s green mobility solutions. Our growth is driven by the 3 ‘megatrends’ – urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy.


Thomas Heltborg Juul

Group CEO

    Anders Wall

    Group CFO - Head of Finance and ESG

      Kim Hein

      COO - Head of Operations

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        Sanne Lyng Marsland

        CSO - Head of sales and parterships

          Steffen W. Frølund

          CMO - Head of Marketing


            Thomas Alsbjerg

            Board member

              Mie Levi Fenger

              Board member

                Tue Østergård

                Chairman of the Board

                  Jørn P. Jensen

                  Board member

                    Claus Juhl

                    Board member