A green staycation

Are you planning to stay in Sweden this summer? Why not make your staycation a little greener by going away with one of our electric cars! Follow us on a trip though south of Sweden.

Towards destination Halmstad ☀️

The golf capital, 45 kilometers of coastline and beautiful beaches, hiking trails, nice outdoor cafes – no matter what you want to do on your vacation, the summer town of Halmstad has it all. And all this within reach with a Green, only about 140 km away from both Malmö and Gothenburg. Did you know that our cars drive up to 300 km on a full charge if you activate EcoMode inside the car?

Make a pitstop

Perhaps you need to stretch your legs during the trip? If you start from the Gothenburg zone you’ll pass one of Sweden’s best rest stops, namely Susedalen in Halland. If you come from Malmö, maybe it’ll be an ice cream paus in Båstad instead? 🍦 We recommend that you make a pit stop on the road and take a short break. 🗺

Easy charging 🔋

It is both easy and free to charge the car when you are out and about with a Green. The easiest way to find the nearest charging station outside the zone is to download the app”Ladda elbilen” if you start from Gothenburg, or “E.ON. Drive” if you start from Malmö. 📱 Use the card in the glove department to charge the car.

Prices for all trips

Where do you take your staycation? No matter how far you intend to go with a Green, we have packages that fit all your needs! Right now we have a summer deal on 3 and 7 days rental, read more here. Remember that kilometers are always included in the price of our packages. If your package should run out, or you choose to stay a little longer, it is always possible to buy a new package directly in the app, and it will be activated automatically when your first package has expired. It’s flexible! 👌

It is both easy and cheap to go on a green staycation together with GreenMobility. So buy a package in the app and enjoy all what Sweden has to offer! We are here for you all along the way 💚

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