The City Parking Zone

Within the City Parking Zone you can park on one of our Hotspots, at a residental parking space marked with ``beboerkort``, and all official parking spaces without time limit.

We operate in the area within Ring 3 and a bit more. We call this area the City Parking Zone, and it’s within this zone you can start and end your trip when driving a city car.

Outside the main zone we also have some smaller zones which we call satellites. They are set up to cover smaller areas outside the main zone where you can also start and end your trip. For example, if you go to Fornebu you can leave the car there. We also have Hotspots at Fornebu where you find reserved parking for Your City Car.

When you are within the main zone or one of the satellites you can end your trip on a residental parking marked with “beboerkort”, all public parking spaces with no time limit and at one of our Hotspots.

You can find all our Hotspots in the app which can be downloaded at App Store or Google Play.

We have one satellite zone next to IKEA Furuset. You can park here and end your trip, but we recommend to Pause your trip if you want to make sure your car is still there when you come back.

You are free to drive outside the City Car Zone for as long as you want, but you are not able to end your trip outside the zone. If you want to park the car outside the zone you can only pause your trip and you must pay for the car. It is the same price as when you are driving. The speaker inside the city car will let you know whether you’re inside or outside the zone.

We always listen to our customers and we always strive to be better. If you have any comments, tips or ideas for how we can improve our services please contact us by phone, e-mail or Facebook.

Our goal is to make transportation easy and practical for all our users. That’s why we will continuously adapt the zone, so it fits your needs as a city car user.

Have a nice drive!

Call +47 40 00 19 19 for Roadside Assistance.


Our Hotspots are placed centrally.

Hotspots are parking spaces reserved for Your City Car

Our Hotspots are centrally located in various parking garages and other central parking lots in Oslo. At a Hotspot you can always drop off Your City Car, and often you will also find a free city car here. Parking at our Hotspots is free. All Hotspots are clearly marked with blue icons on the map in the app. You can also find more information about each Hotspot in Oslo here.