Drive for 6 kroner per minute

Pay only for what you use

What does it cost to drive?

Your City Car covers your needs

If you need a car right away, for a day or every now and then during any given month, Your City Car has a flexible offer that you can use when it suits you. Our price at 6 NOK per minute si perfect when you need a car right away or if you want to drive somewhere and do not plan on driving back. And if you have a STOPOVER the minute price will automatically change to 1 NOK per minute.

Keeping the car for 24 hours for only 899 NOK gives you the freedom to handle a day of shopping, going for a day-trip or to areas that are not well covered by public transport. 

Our services cover all needs for a car in the city. You just have to choose which one is for you.

Drive safely!