Where can you park Your City Car?

When driving with Your City Car you can park for free at one of our Hotspots and end your trip there. These are parking spaces reserved for Your City Car. You can find all Hotspots in the app and will often be able to find available city cars here. You can also park in a resident parking lot (offentlige beboerparkeringer) or public parking without time limit within the city parking zone.

Residential parking

With Your City car you can park at all the resident parking (beboersoner/beboerparkeringer) within the city car parking zone. All residental parking is marked with a sign that says “beboerkort”. But remember that you can only park after the sign in the direction you are driving and until the next intersection or sign.

In order for the parking to go smoothly, we have created an overview that shows which places you can park on and where it is not okay to park. This overview can also be found inside all the cars.


Our Hotspots are placed centrally.

Hotspots are parking reserved for you.

Hotspots are parking spaces reserved for Your City Car. Our Hotspots are centrally located in various parking garages and other central parking lots in Oslo. At a Hotspot you can always drop off Your City Car, and often you will also find a free city car here. Parking at our Hotspots is free. All Hotspots are clearly marked with blue icons on the map in the app. You can also find more information about each Hotspot in Oslo here.

Private parking spaces

You cannot park in private parking spaces, except for our Hotspots. You recognize private parking spaces by the black parking signs. This applies to parking lots where private operators control the area. You cannot end your trip here and all parking in private spaces along the way is at your own risk and expense. Always check that you have parked properly before leaving the car.