How it works

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Download our app. Fill in you personal information and we’ll verify your license.
The app will show you the nearest available car. You can easily reserve it.
Our cars are 100% electric and we make sure they get charged.
Park the car within the zone or make a stopover where you want. End the trip in the app.

Create a profile.

Get going by downloading our app.


Signing up is free

Start by entering your email and creating a password. Thereafter you’ll upload a picture of your driver’s license. Upload a selfie – so we can see that the photo on your license matches your selfie. Add your payment method. You’re ready to drive when you get an confirmation email from us.

Book your car.

Reserve the nearest “City car”.

Reserve a car easily

You can find, reserve and unlock the car with the app. The app is the key tp 250 electrical cars, and always shows you the nearest car, and its battery level. When you’ve decided on a car you can reserve it in the app for 30 minutes.

Get going in Your City Car.

Unlock the car in the app.

It’s easy getting around with Your City Car

Unlock your reserved car with a single tap. The car has automatic gear and you start it by stepping in the brak and pressing the “start” button – on the right side of the stearing wheel. Place the shift in “D” and you can drive. You can take the car out of the zone, as long as you make sure to bring it back to a valid parking spot.

Ending your trip.

Park easily and end your trip.

Parking is always nearby

Inside the City Parking Zone you can park on all resident parking spaces called “Beboerparkering”. You can also park on all public parking spaces within our zones that has no time limit. We have also a lot of reserved parking spaces in the zone called Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app. Here you’ll always find easy and free parking.

Call +47 40 00 19 19 for Roadside Assistance.