A bunch of environmentally friendly EVs

At GreenMobility we only have 100% electrical cars.

Our shared car is the Renault Zoe. This 100% electric car is silent and does not pollute the cities. Need some more space in a car? Then our Renault Megane is the perfect choice. This big brother of our fleet is comfortable and provides more space.

Renault Zoe

Our Renault Zoe cars are made of 90% recyclable material, including two types of recycled plastic. Likewise, the interior fabrics are made from 100% recyclable materials. The cars run with automatic transmission and have parking sensors for easy navigation. They are marked with a green icon in the app.

Renault Megane

Do you need some extra space in the car? Then you can take our spacious, electric Renault Megane. You want to drive a longer trip but need a bit more comfort? Our Meganes are perfect! These modern and classy vehicules will lift your green driving experience to new heights. The cars are easily recognisable in the app by the dark green icon.

Everything is included

Charging, parking and insurance are included. We have all-inclusive prices that suits your needs. Whether you need a car for 3 minutes or 3 days. You can also simply park the car at your destination when you arrive.

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