Prices and packages

At GreenMobility, you can either pay as you go or buy a package with hours or days. Want to go on a trip in Belgium during the extended weekend? We have the sharpest prices on the market for every need. All prices apply to both our ordinary cars and our vans.

We take care of everything
Fixed low prices
The cheapest on the market. As low as €0,25 /min with our packages.
Incl. insurance, charging and parking
You can focus on enjoying the trip. We’ll handle all the hassle of owning a car.
Greener cities
Climate friendly electrical cars we all share. Low noise and pollution.
Want even more minutes?
Invite friends and get 30 minutes

You get 30 free minutes for each friend who signs up in our app with you unique code. You will find the code in the app under “My profile” and “Voucher”. Your friend just adds the code into the app upon registration and also gets 30 minutes.

Earn minutes when charging the car

You earn free minutes when the car is below 60% power by connecting the car to a charger. If the car has less than 60% power, you get 10 free minutes. If the car has less than 40% power, you get 15 free minutes and at less than 20% power, you get 20 minutes.

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