Parking is easy with GreenMobility

Parking can be a bit of a hassle. We don't think it needs to be, so we've made parking as easy as possible.

Parking is easy with GreenMobility. You can park for free on public parking spaces within our zone, outside our zone the parking is for your account. With GreenMobility you can take an available car from anywhere on the street and drive wherever you need to go – you just have to end your trip within our zone. So you don’t have to return the car to the exact place you took it from. For a detailed description of parking rules in the city, you can check out our FAQ.

Overview of parking rules

  • You are allowed to park on freely accessible (publicly managed) parking spaces within our zone that cannot be closed off by a parking barrier.
  • You can make make a stopover in blue zones. It is however not possible to end your trip here. Always remember the parking disk when you make a stopover in a blue zone. Read more about stopovers in our FAQ.
  • You are welcome to park at charging stations, but always remember to charge the car when parking here (otherwise you risk a fine starting from €373).
  • You cannot park at loading and unloading places.
  • You cannot park at handicap parking spaces.
  • You cannot park at private parking spaces.
  • You cannot park in areas where there is a parking ban active between certain hours, even if this is after your use of the car.
  • You cannot park at freely accessible public parking spaces that can be closed off by a parking barrier (f.e. Parking Sportcomplex at Burgerweeshuispad)
  • You cannot park at freely accessible private parking spaces that can be closed off by a parking barrier (f.e. parking at a supermarket)
  • You cannot park at Autodate spaces.
  • You cannot park at spots reserved for other car sharing companies.
  • You cannot park at taxi stands.

Check out our FAQ for more information about parking.

Of course, all other parking rules apply too when you drive with GreenMobility. If you break the rules, you risk a fine (which you have to pay yourself!). You must always follow the current parking and traffic rules. 

If you want to park outside the zone or in garages, you have to pay for the parking yourself.

We help you avoid parking fines

In our app, we have marked some parking areas that we do not have permission to park our cars on. These are our NO parking zones, which are marked with red boxes on the map in the app. If you are about to end your trip here, the app will notify you that the tour cannot be completed. Therefore, we encourage you to always look at the map to see if you are in a red zone when you are about to park. See how the NO parking zones are marked with red squares in the image on the left. NOTE: Remember that the NO parking zones do not show all the places where you are not allowed to park, but just some selected places with a bigger risk of fines.

Everything is included

Charging, parking and insurance are included. We have all-inclusive prices that suits your needs. Whether you need a car for 3 minutes or 3 days. You can also simply park the car at your destination when you arrive.

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