Travelling to Belgium or Luxembourg with GreenMobility

You can make trips from the Netherlands to Belgium and Luxembourg with your shared GreenMobility car. Here's some handy information for your trip.

This summer, you can use your GreenMobility shared car for trips within The Netherlands, but you can also take it for a trip to Belgium or Luxembourg. You just have to bring the car back to our zone in Amsterdam at the end of your trip. While GreenMobility is also active in the Belgium cities of Antwerp and Ghent, you cannot leave your shared car here. It always has to come back to Amsterdam.

Get a package 🕒

When you’re going on a trip to Belgium or Luxembourg, our packages are your best pick. We for example have packages for 3 and 7 days that are perfect for a vacation. If your package is about to expire, but you want to continue your trip, you can buy a new package in the app. The package will start to run automatically after your first package has expired. If you don’t buy a new package, you automatically drive for €0,25/min. If you have used up the kilometers in your package, but want to drive further, you can also buy a new package. Otherwise, you drive for €0,25/km.

Charging the car during your trip

You can charge your shared car at the majority of (public) charging stations in Belgium and Luxembourg with Travelcard. On or in the Travelcard app you’ll find all the charging stations where you can charge. There’s less charging station in Belgium nd Luxembourg than in The Netherlands, so always check beforehand if there are charging stations along your route and at your destination. Have in mind that while the range of your GreenMobility shared car is up to 360 KM, this lowers when you drive at high speed on the highway.  

Belgium 🇧🇪

In Belgium there are various charging networks you can use with Travelcard, but the biggest ones are Allego and Bluecorner. Here is a nice video showing how to charge a car at a Bluecorner station. Charging works the same across other networks in Belgium.  

Luxembourg 🇱🇺

In Luxembourg, most charging stations are part of the Chargy network. Here is a handy step-by-step guide provided by Chargy on how to use the Chargy stations to charge your car.

Parking outside the zone 🅿️

When you’re making a trip outside of the zone and parking the car somewhere, you have to pay for parking costs yourself. Always follow the parking rules at your destination. You are responsible for parking legally and following the official parking rules that apply at your destination.