GreenMobility's Hotspots all across the zone

Our Hotspots are for you when you drive with GreenMobility. Here's a list of them.

Our Hotspots are VIP parking spaces reserved especially for you when you drive in a GreenMobility car. Parking is free, and at several of the Hotspots, you can also charge the car. You can also view GreenMobility’s Hotspots in the app.

See GreenMobility’s Hotspots below. In addition to free parking at our Hotspots, you can also park for free within the zone in all public parking spaces.

Take a Green to the airport

Hotspot list

You can see all of GreenMobility’s Hotspots for Amsterdam here. Click the name of the Hotspot to read more about where to find it and whether you can charge the car at the Hotspot.

GreenMobility's Hotspots in Amsterdam

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