Frequently asked questions

Before you start your trip


Use the app to reserve and unlock the car. You will find all the needed information about the vehicles when selecting and browsing the available cars. Before unlocking a car, you can choose to reduce your liability insurance.

You can choose to unlock the car right away pressing “Unlock now” – or make a reservation pressing “Reserve Now”. The first 20 minutes of your reservation are free. Swipe from left to right to start your trip.

It costs €0,15 per minute to reserve the car after your 20 minutes of free reservation time. You only pay for the minutes your reservation is ongoing after the 20 minutes of free reservation.

I.e. you choose to reserve the car for 1 hour, but you unlock the car after 35 minutes. Then you will pay for 15 minutes of reservation time. Note that the first 20 minutes are free, for each trip you actually take per day.

If your reservation expires before you unlock the car, your reservation will end and the car will again be visible for other users. Note that you will pay for your reservation if the period is over 20 minutes, even if you did not  make use of your reservation.

I.e. you choose to reserve the car for 1 hour, but you do not unlock the car and start the trip. Then you will pay for 40 minutes of reservation time.

Your trip will start when the car is unlocked. Please note that you have full responsibility for the car, until your trip has ended and the car is locked.

Remember to check if the doors and windows of the car are closed when you leave.

How to start the car?


There are no keys, just a start/stop button and your mobile phone. To drive, you do not use your left foot on the pedals at all.

To start the car, place your right foot on the middle pedal (Brake) and press the Start/Stop button. The engine is now turned on.

Put the car in “D” for drive, “N” for park and “R” for reverse. It couldn’t be easier.

Where can I go?


GreenMobility operates one zone around Amsterdam. This is where you can start and end your trip. You are welcome to drive out of the zone and around all of Benelux and Germany. The car just always has to return to its original zone in Amsterdam to end the trip. If you are planning a longer trip in our electric cars, we always advise you to see how much power the electric car has left and be aware of the charging stations around the country. You can read more about this under “Charging”.

Can I drive out of the zone?

You are welcome to drive out of the zone, but you can only end your trip within one of the zones or the associated satellite zones. If you drive out of the zone, e.g. on a weekend trip and keep the electric car for several days in a row, you can press “stopover” in the app. Then the car locks while you are away from it. Read more under the section “What is “stopover””?.

Can I drive outside of The Netherlands?

You are welcome to drive to other countries of the Benelux and to Germany in our electric cars, but the car must always return to its original zone in The Netherlands before the trip can end. The car cannot be left in other countries.

Parking the car


Parking is included with GreenMobility. You can park the car (in the way permitted there) on parking spaces within our zone.

You can make a stopover in blue zones. However, it is not possible to end your trip here. Always remember the parking disk when you make a stopover in a blue zone. Read more about stopovers under “what is stopover”.

In case you park at a charging station, do not forget to plug the car into the station. In case you don’t do this, you risk a fine of at lest €373.

Note that when you park outside the zone, or in garages, you pay for parking costs yourself.

Parking rules in the city can become confusing. To avoid any confusion, we made a list of parking spaces that are prohibited.

  • Loading and unloading spaces
  • Handicap parking spaces
  • Areas where a parking ban applies between certain hours (even if this is after your use).
  • Autodate spaces
  • Places reserved for other car-sharing services.
  • Taxi stands
  • Private parking (reserved for other cars, supermarkets or private garages)
  • Kiss-and-ride-zones
  • Parking spaces reserved for taxi’s, trucks, schoolbusses, … 
  • Parking spaces where a temporary parking prohibition will start within the next 24 hours

Of course, all other normal parking rules also apply when you drive with GreenMobility. If  you do not obey the rules, you risk a parking fine (that you have to pay yourself).

In every shared car, you’ll also find a summary of the parking rules.

How to end a trip


Simply put the car in “N” for park and press the start/stop button. Make sure that all the windows and doors are closed and that the cards are returned to the cardholder underneath the gear shift. Only then you can end the trip (or make a stopover) in your app.

You can only press “end trip” in the app when you have gotten out of the vehicle!

Please note that you have full responsibility of the car, until your trip has ended and the car is locked.

Shortly after, you will receive a trip summary in your app and email. If you did not find and answer between the frequently asked questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.



Here you can charge the cars

You can charge our electric cars at all charging stations in The Netherlands with Travelcard. You can find all charging stations on travelcard.nl or in the Travelcard app.

Always make sure to check if the charging station you want to charge at is public.

Always remember to charge when parking at a charging station

If you park at a charging station, it is important that you always charge the car. Otherwise you risk a fine of at least €370. This way, you also help out the next user, and you do not take up the space from anyone else.

Earn free minutes when charging the car.

Help the next user – and yourself. You can earn free minutes when the car is below 60% battery by plugging it into a charger.

The minutes will automatically be added to your account after the car is plugged in and our trip has ended.

How to charge the car
  1. Open the charging port cover with Renault logo on the front of the car by pushing the button with the charging icon on the left of the steering wheel.
  2. Take the charging cable out of the trunk of the car. Plug one side of the cable into the charging port of the car, and the other side into the charging station.
  3. Take the white charging fob with GreenMobility logo out of the holder under the gear shift.
  4. Hold the charging fob against the reader of the charging station until the light of the station turns green. As soon as the car starts charging, the light will switch to blue.
  5. Put the charging fob back in the holder under the gear shift. You can now end your trip (or make a stopover) in the app.
How to detach from a charger
  1. Unlock the car in the app. Take the white charging fob with GreenMobility logo out of the holder under the gear shift.
  2. Hold the charging fob against the reader of the charging station. The light of the station will change from blue to green (or otherwise, as indicated on the station).
  3. Pull the cable out of the charging station. Put the charging fob back in the holder under the gear shift.
  4. Press the button with the charging icon on the left of the steering wheel to release the charging cable, and pull the cable out of the car. Note that the cable locks again after 15 seconds. In case this happens, press the button once more.
  5. Place the charging cable back into the trunk.

Read more about charging here.

What is “stopover”?


If you need to park the car but still rent it, for instance, while shopping, visiting some friends or going on holiday, you can use the “stopover” function in the app. Step out of the car and press “stopover”. Then the car locks while you are away from it, and you still pay for the rental of the car. There is no other people who can reserve the car in the meantime. When you are ready to drive again, simply continue the trip in the app.

Can I use GreenMobility in other countries?


Yes, you can use our GreenMobility app and cars in the cities we operate in the same way as you know it from The Netherlands. Just pay attention to the local traffic and parking rules. See which cities GreenMobility operates in here.

How to add a credit card in the app?


  1. Go to “My Profile” in the app and scroll to the right in the top menu.
  2. Find “Addresses”.
  3. Press the blue credit card icon and enter your card details.
  4. Ensure a checkmark is shown in “Link to default address”.
  5. Choose “Save Payment Method”.
  6. Then go to “Addresses” in the top menu and press the downward arrow.
  7. Then click the small credit card icon. Here you can choose the desired default credit card.
iDeal or Bancontact as payment method


Have you chosen iDeal or Bancontact as your payment method?
Take into account that you will have to complete your payment manually each time after your trip. This does NOT happen automatically, so make sure you pay your invoice every time after your trip to avoid extra costs.

Insurance with GreenMobility


The cars are liability, accident, hull and theft insured. If you have an accident, the maximum liability insurance fee is €750. When you pay €4 at the start of your trip, you reduce your liability insurance fee to €150. Should any accidents happen to the car by your reservation, you have to contact our support team.

Other rules with GreenMobility


We try to keep all cars charged when the get below 15 km in range. Should you get below that, you can safely go to your destination if possible. Or simply charge it.

Towing the car is an extra fee of €300 according to our terms.

It is not permitted to smoke in our cars. A cleaning fee of €250 will be added according to our terms.

Pets are not allowed either. A cleaning fee of €250 will be added according to our terms.

Do not attach any type of extra equipment to the cars.

You must keep the car within the borders of the Benelux and Germany.

If you have any other questions, you can always contact our customer service.

Call +31 85 301 8484 for support

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