Fighting climate change one trip at a time

ESG metrics play an important role in showing a business’ sustainability impacts. The metrics are becoming an increasingly important component for investors when considering investing in a company. 

Our ESG metrics are reported in our Annual Report as of 2020. Until then, you can download our Nasdaq  ESG Disclosure form.

GreenMobility reports on Nasdaq’s recommended ESG metrics.
We also plan to report on the following metrics:


Environmental data:

  • How we support the Green Transition
  • How much we reduce air pollution in cities through our presence
  • How we ensure better city environment with less traffic
  • Our sustainable energy usage


Social data:

  • How we promote corporate citizenship
  • How much we improve liveability in urban areas
  • Where we provide a mobility service in transportation deserts


Governance data:

  • How we hold our value chain accountable
  • Level of trustworthy customer experience
  • How we conduct our internal business ethics