The perfect 1st of May match

The 1st of May weekend is here again and we all know what that means – Delicious food, big balloons, music, laughter and lots of people celebrating around all Finland! It is a weekend of joy and the feel of spring. With our new day package you will get around easily all weekend long:

Drive for 24 hours incl. 50km for only 39€

This package is for you, who want to have a car for 1st of May, but don’t have to drive a long distance. By purchasing the new package, you wont pay as much for shorter distances, but you still get your own car for a whole day. Do you need more than 50 kilometres? Then you pay only €0.25 per extra kilometre outside the package. This way, we keep the price low, but you can enjoy it for just as long.

Match with your plans

A traditional city celebration

There are so many fun activities going around Helsinki on the 1st of May weekend, with us you can catch them all! Take our day package to pick up a balloon from the market, collect your snacks from the store and head to a picnic with friends and family. Maybe in the evening you still wanna catch a concert and drive home after. You have 24 hours, you have time to do it all.

A Night outside the city

For some, the 1st of May weekend is the start of the years summerhouse season – With the spring sun shining it is in fact a perfect timing to heat up the summerhouse grill for the first barbaque and maybe even take the years first swim in the nearby lake. If a summerhouse is not for you this year, maybe a 1st of May party is. Either or, with the new package you do not need to stress on time. You can stay overnight and drive back the next day.

Sounds good?

Your perfect match is waiting for you!