Guide for longer trips

With us you can rent a car for up to 7 days and have the freedom to drive anywhere in Finland.  There are some things that are good to know when leaving the city zone, in order to make your trip as great as possible. Here you can read all about what you need to know on longer trips with a Green.

How it works

1. Buy a package

Buy the package in the app that suits your needs. The package is automatically activated at the next time you drive in one of our cars.

2. Make a Stopover

When you need to park during your trip, you can make a “Stopover” in the app. The package is still running and you can drive further when it fits your plans.

3. End trip

End your trip again within the zone. If you rent the car for several hours or days, the car must be charged along the way. Read more about charging below.

About packages 💌

When you purchase a package, the package automatically activates when you start your next trip in one of our cars. The packages cannot be split up or used multiple times. If you already have prepaid minutes in your account and buy a package, your prepaid minutes will be saved for later.

If you drive more than the kilometres included in the package, each kilometer then costs 0,25€/km. If your package expires and you would like to drive for a longer time, you can easily purchase a new package in the app. Otherwise, you drive at 0,25€/minute.

How far can the cars go 🚗

Our Zoe ZE have a strong battery that can drive between 250-270 km. Exactly how long it goes depends on the traffic, weather conditions and how much thrust you put on the pedal. Drive carefully and activate Eco Mode in the car to make it go a bit further. The cars have automatic transmission and can fit five people.

What about parking? 🤔

If you drive outside of the zone, you are responsible for where and how you park. This means that if you park your Green in a parking lot that require payment, you will have to pay for the time you are parked there. As usual, you are responsible for any fines, so make sure to always adhere to the official parking and traffic rules wherever you drive. However, if you park to charge the car at a public Helen/Virta charging station, you do not have to pay for parking while you charge.

Charge during the trip 🔌

When you rent our electric cars for several hours or days and plan to go on a longer trip, you might have to charge it on the way. You can always charge for free in all Helen and Virta charging stations around Finland. Always make sure to charge the car so you can get back into the zone again. Just remember to use the card from the glove department, anduse only Type 2 charging.

Note ❗️

It is very important to always remember to get out from the car and close all doors and windows before pressing either “Stopover” or “End trip” in the app.

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