and GreenMobility for entrepreneurs is a service that defends the rights of those who employ themselves and makes their everyday lives slightly easier. The service provides invoicing and payroll services for light entrepreneurs and accounting services for business entrepreneurs. has been operating in Finland since May 2017.

Together with, GreenMobility now offers 100% electic and shareable cars in Helsinki for entrepreneurs to make their everyday work life easier.

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Joonas Tuompo


“The idea for the company really came from the personal experiences of several friends,” starts Joonas Tuompo, CEO of, and continues; “They did not manage to handle all the VAT’s and other payments.” One by one, all Joonas’s friends returned back to day jobs and left the business’s behind. “This doesn’t make any sense! There should be an easier way,” thought Joonas at the time. After watching the situation for a while, he decided to start creating a solution to an annoyingly common problem. is the right choice for a person who wants to operate and create without the challenges and obligations brought by the company. As a customer, you don’t have to worry about paperwork, you can simply focus on doing your job. Creating an account with is always free.

Moving forward carefree

GreenMobility offers extra relief for everyday life

GreenMobility offers customers a fast and affordable way to move around when work-related tasks takes you around the city. We also offer cars for longer business trips around Finland and for personal use outside of work.

“This definitely makes it very easy for’s customers when they no longer have to buy their own car, but can easily rent one through you,” says Joonas. For the entrepreneur, time is gold and our goal together is to help the customer save as much as possible.