The Business App

The business app makes it easy for businesses to drive green

The business app is for companies that want to use our hundreds of electric cars in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and our other cities in Europe, or simply want access to the companies own electric cars through the app. In the app, the car can be booked and opened, and when you have finished driving, you also lock the car from the app. We make the green transition fun, easy, measurable and financially beneficial for all parties.

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With GreenMobility Business you are ready to drive green.


Find, open and unlock the car from the app

The app is your key to the cars

Book and open your electric cars in the app or use our hundreds of cars in Denmark and Europe as your company cars. Get around easily during working hours, to and from meetings or the airport.

One app for all the employess

The app is your key to the cars and is linked to your company account, which makes it easy for several employees to drive on the same account. Find the car, unlock it in the app and drive.

Make an green impact

Make a real climate improvement by choosing the electric car as your company’s car. It does not emit harmful substances. Follow your CO2 savings in the portal when you drive with us. Every kilometer counts.

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+800 companies

More than 800 companies have chosen the green solution. Want your company to be onboard?

Over 2000 tons of CO2 saved

Real climate change happens when we make the right choices for ourselves, our employees and customers.

7 greener cities

We are part of the green mobility solutions of the future, and we are continuously implementing our solution in new European cities.