Parker i Nordhavnsområdet med GreenMobility

In Nordhavn, we have made an exception to our regular P rules, which only apply in the marked 5 areas on the map. Park in Nordhavn area with GreenMobility for free and remember to follow the rules below.

Be aware of these parking rules

Lüders (Hotspot):
The hotspot is located on the first floor of the Lüders parking garage in Nordhavn. The seats are marked with GreenMobility signs. The car MUST be charged, otherwise you will get a P-fine. If the spots are occupied, you can park in a non-reserved space nearby.

The car park has access from Helsinkigade, opposite Meny. It is allowed to park in the entire parking lot, in the marked stalls.

Gittervej has access via Sandkaj.
Parking must be done in the area, in the marked stalls

Sundmolen can be accessed via Glückstadtsvej.
You can park in all marked stalls along Orientkaj, Klubiensvej and Sundkaj.
Private parking spaces with names, can occur, and of course there is no parking here.

Access via Stubbeløbgade.
Parking must be done in the area, in the marked stalls

Call +4570778888 for support