Electric cars for housing associations and communities

GreenMobility Business makes it easy for housing associations and communities to lease electric cars.

With GreenMobility Business, housing associations, municipalities, and communities can access our 100% electric cars in the city. Residents or members can see the availability of the cars in the business app and open it in the app when the need for a car arises.

When the electric cars are shared between residents or members, they avoid the cost of owning the cars themselves. Follow your trips, consumption and CO2 savings in our business portal, take a more sustainable choice and effectively attract new members or residents.

Car guarantee

With car guarantee, you will always be guaranteed one or more electric cars by the location. Choose the number of cars that must be available to your members, residents or employees at your address every day. We’ll deliver them to you at the agreed time of day, e.g. at 8.00, so they are ready for the day’s tasks and trips. Use the cars for every need and leave them somewhere else in the zone. The next day, we will have an agreed number of electric cars ready in your parking spaces again. Easy and flexible!

VIP-parking in the city center

Residents, members, or employees have free parking at all public parking spaces with at least 2 hours of parking within our zone. At the same time, you have VIP spaces around the city center and the zone where you park for free. We call these Hotspots. At our Hotspots at Copenhagen Airport, Billund Airport, and Aarhus Airport, members or residents can easily park in the reserved spaces.

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