Your own electric cars at the company's address

Get your own 100% electric cars regardless of location in Denmark

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GreenMobility Business offers innovative leasing for companies in Denmark. With a business agreement through us, you can get your own electric cars right at the door, regardless of company size or location. Choose the car models, design and number of electric cars youself, and make a greener choice for both company and employees. You open your electric cars directly from an app, where all employees can see the cars’ availability and can use them to get to and from meetings, the airport or for business tasks. You can also choose to make the cars available for the employees in their spare time as a perk for full utilization of the electric cars.

Try now from 6,270 ex. VAT per car per month and all inclusive! – Contact us by email below.

*DKK 0 ,- disbursement. 6 moths binding. DKK 15.000 km per year. Incl. insurance, green tax, and electricity. Up to DKK 1,000 in sharing economy gain per month to the company is deducted from the monthly rent. Many more car brands and electric models available.

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We make your green transition measurable

With leasing for companies through GreenMobility Business, your company and employees are guaranteed green driving during working hours. Our cars are 100% electric and emit no harmful substances. In our portal, you get an overview of how much CO2 you save overall by driving an electric car rather than a gasoline car. Together we make a difference to improve our climate and lower congestion, pollution, and urban noise.

One app and portal

The business app is your key to the cars

You open and lock the cars directly in our business app, where all employees can see the cars’ availability. Let the employees use the cars during working hours and in their free time as a perk.

An unlimited number of employees
Add an unlimited number of employees to the business portal. The app is linked to your company account, which makes it easy for several employees to drive on the same company account. 
Overview of driving and comsumption
In our portal, you can easily add new employees who should be part of the business agreement and get an overview of your activity and CO2 savings. Choose to pay by card or invoice.
Make a real climate improvement
Make a real climate improvement by driving in our electric cars that do not emit harmful substances and run exclusively on electricity. Follow your CO2 savings. Every kilometer counts.

Choose car model and design

Choose a car model, brand and design that fits your company. Get inspiration from our selected brands and models or choose completely other ones. Both compact models, electric bikes and vans are possible. We make leasing for companies easy.

Dedicated team

We are a team of around 100 passionate employees who are ready to help. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The customer comes first

We will do a lot for our customers. Maybe that’s why 91% of our customers say they’ve told friends and family about us. On Trustpilot, we get 4.5 out of 5 possible stars

We are green

We are part of the green mobility solutions of the future, and our growth is driven by the 3 megatrends – urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy