Electric cars for all companies in Denmark

Three unique solutions that can be adapted to your company's needs

GreenMobility Business is for all companies that want their employees to be able to drive green, both during working hours and in their free time. Choose your own car model and design and get your very own shareable electric cars right at the address. If you already have your own cars, you can integrate them into our business app, where all employees can see the cars’ availability and book them. Choose one of our three unique solutions below or contact us and get a tailormade solution. All the solutions can be adapted to your needs, and if you are not aware of your future needs, we will just adjust along the way. Flexible, easy, and convenient.

Your own electric cars at the address

Do you want your own electric cars available right at the address? Maybe your workplace is located outside of Copenhagen or Aarhus, on Fyn or in Jutland? Choose your own car model, design and the number of electric cars that fit your needs. During working hours, employees can use them for meetings or work-related errands, and outside working hours, the employees can use them for private errands at very advantageous package prices for full utilization of the electric cars.

Try now for only DKK 3.995 ex. VAT per car per month, all inclusive! – Contact us and get started.

*DKK 0 ,- disbursement. 6 moths binding. DKK 15.000 km per year. Incl. insurance, green tax, and electricity. Up to DKK 1,000 in sharing economy gain per month to the company is deducted from the monthly rent. Many more car brands and electric models available.

Integration of your existing cars in the app

Do you already have your own company cars that you would like to be able to book and manage from one single system? Then this solution might be for you. We integrate your existing cars in our business app, so you can book, open, and start them in the app and see their availability. You get an exclusive opportunity to manage your company cars, and at the same time have access to the rest of our fleet of electric cars. Contact us for more details.

Full access to hundreds of shareable cars in Denmark and Europe

Do you sometimes travel between Aarhus and Copenhagen or to meetings in Europe? Maybe you need easy and fast access to a car to get to and from the airport or just around town for meetings? Get access to hundreds of electric cars in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and several cities in Europe. You also have free VIP parking in the city center. Contact us to get started.

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We make your green transition measurable

With GreenMobility Business, you are guaranteed green driving, both during working hours and after working hours. In our portal, you get an overview of how much CO2 you save overall by driving an electric car rather than a petrol car. Together we make a difference to improve our climate and lower congestion, pollution, and urban noise.

VIP-parking in the airport

You can easily park at Copenhagen Airport in our VIP parking spaces reserved for our electric cars. The parking spaces are in P7, and here it costs only DKK 39.2 ex. VAT to start and end a trip. If you land at the airport, you can often find an available electric car and drive home or to the office.

Electric vans with extra space

If you need to move to a new office, you can use our spacious electric vans or have your own vans at the company. Choose your own car model and design.


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