Green Business. Good Business.

Get on a B2B account with GreenMobility and drive cheaply, easily and green.

Imagine being greener, cheaper and more productive

Cheap and easy

The app is your key to hundreds of electrical cars across your city

Simply from A to B

Parking, charging and insurance is included. Easier than your own cars.

A sustainable choice

Carsharing removes 7 other cars from the streets, improves air quality and the climate.

Happy partners

We service more than 800 innovative companies

Everything included

With GreenMobility employees can drive for as little as 1,6 kr./min. A lot cheaper and more convenient than a taxi.

Charging, parking and insurance are included in the B2B account with GreenMobility. We have all-inclusive prices that suits your needs. Whether you need a car for 2 minutes or 2 days. You can also simply park the car at your destination when you arrive. To and from Copenhagen Airport is also easy for only 49 kr. extra. Easy.

With a B2B account with GreenMobility, you can park on all public parking spaces within our zones with at least 2 hours parking limit. We have also reserved a lot of VIP-parking spaces around the zone. We call these Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app. Here you’ll always find easy and free parking.

Suppliers, customers and partners increasingly want to cooperate with companies that can clearly demonstrate how they contribute to a sustainable and responsible development.

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VIP parking at the airport

You can efficiently get to and from Copenhagen Airport via our VIP parking space for our cars. You can find parking in P7 right next to trains and metro. 

Grab a “Green”.

It’s a lot cheaper than a taxi.


Dedicated team

We are a team of about 80 passionate employees who are ready to help. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Customer first

We will do a lot for our customers. Maybe that’s why 91% of our customers say they have told friends and family about us. At Trustpilot we get 4.5 out of 5 possible stars

We're green

We are part of the green mobility solutions of the future, and our growth is driven by the 3 megatrends – urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy

As employee you need to be invited by your admin, that administrate who can drive GreenMobility on the company’s bill.  

Then you just sign up as user at or in the GreenMobility app. Download it in App Store or Google Play. 

How to? 

1: Enter company mail and make a personal password. 

2: Upload a picture of your driving license 

3: Upload selfie  – then we can see that you and the photo on the driving license identical 

4: Enter you personal informations  

Within a few hours after you have entered the information’s, you will get an email that confirms you are approved as user. Then you are ready to go.  

OBS: Although you already have a private profile at GreenMobility, you need to sign up again with your business email under step 1. Put an extra ”0” on when you enter your driving license number. Contact us for help or ask you businessadmin. 

Yes. Just choose “Stopover” in the app when you arrive to your destination then the car lock, but its still your reservation. You can make a stopover in the zone but also out of the zone, as long you end your rental in the zone.  

Stopover price is the normal minute price.  

Yes. When you have signed up with your private and your business mail you can switch between profile by logging in with the mail you want to drive at.  

Yes. You can choose combined invoice or credit card for each employee. It’s also possible that the employee make expenses for the driving, the company refunds subsequently. 

It’s easy to park a City Car. You park free at all public parking with minimum 2 hours’ time limit in the zone. You can also park at our VIP-parking, also called “Hotspots”. They are placed at central spots in Copenhagen and P7 in Copenhagen Airport.  

The cars are liability, accident, hull and theft insured. If you have an accident, the own risk is DKK 5000. If any accidents happen to the car by your reservation, you have to contact our support team. 

With a fully charged battery the cars can drive between 100 and 130 km in average. Some of the cars can drive 250 km in average. They are ideals for trips outside the zone. You can always see how many km there are left at the cars display. The app shows the battery state before you take a car.  

Our helpful colleagues, our Street team, always drive around and clean, charge and service the cars so you only need to concentrate about coming from A to B. But its always good style to clean up the car after yourself and put the car into a charger if you park at a charging parking.