Rebrand: Din by. Din bil.

Since 2016, GreenMobility has been revolutionizing urban mobility. Many thousands happy customers are served every day with rapid growth and scaling as a consequence. As we entered the roaring twenties we realised our brand wasn’t as crisp as it once was. So we initated operation “Rebrand”. The ambition to create a respected, loved and internationally recognized brand stood strong withing our organisation. This is the rebrand: Din by Din bil.

Uncovering the authentic truth

Our brand universe was focused on primary colors and often looked a bit flat in comparison to fresher brands. Even within comparable industries. To elevate the brand we needed to uncover an authentic truth, unique to GreenMobility. We took on a talented agency called The Unicorn and began diving in to the work.

We quickly understood that GreenMobility facilitates life in and around cities. Both in the sense of going somewhere, from somewhere – but also facilitated with our uncompromising insistence on operating a climate friendly, congestion reducing and air pollution solving, mobility solution. Your city. 

As a brand operating in multiple cities around Europe, we needed to transcend language and create something that would be recognized everywhere. The heart, created from our existing location pins, was the universal iconic language we needed.


We were struck by how such a simple evolution of the brand could lift the entirety so dramatically

Steffen W. Frølund, CMO, GreenMobility

“Din bybil”. Your city car. Was an integrated component in our communication descending from the concept of a bycykel in Copenhagen. That analogy was not as good in other cities. So Your city. Your car. was the straight path forward.

The core text based logo got a pin-heart and a brush-up.

The plethora of options life in a city presents is the core hero of our visuals. Going skating, picking up take-out, going on a date, traveling, savoring a moment in the sun, visiting family, or…

The Unicorn is a danish creative agency consisting of Martin Vibe, Peter Metcalfe and Thomas Pries. All skilled and creative professionals with a strong harmony and unique gifts individually.


Working on GreenMobility’s new identity was infinitely rewarding. We got something good going.

Martin Vibe, CEO & Partner, The Unicorn

With the new position, visual identity and pin-heart icon, the rebrand will help propel GreenMobility upwards and into the 2020s in style. Evolving into an international mobility leader at the forefront of transforming urbanity, mobility and the green agenda for the better. This is our rebrand, Din by Din bil.