The Green Community – When we share electric cars

What does it mean to share electric cars – for you, for the environment, and for our shared future? How far are you willing to walk to take an electric car rather than a gasoline car? And are you willing to skip buying your own car because you have access to hundreds of shared electric city cars?

In our latest user survey, we got to know our dear users even better and found out in which areas we can do better. Thank you for all the feedback and great ideas!

Our users at GreenMobility are the greenest ones. Together, they share our 100% electric cars; to get around the city, to get to parties and just leave the car on the street, to go shopping, to get to work, to visit family and friends, to reduce noise and pollution in the cities and to make the future greener for all of us.

But what does it mean to share electric cars and where lies the motivation to drive green?

4 out of 5
are happy with our service
have told friends and family about GreenMobility
choose GreenMobility because it is green, cheap and easy

Freedom and fewer fixed costs

The feeling of freedom often lies in the choices we make. Do we want to own a house, buy fast fashion, or own a car? Or will we instead borrow, rent, and stream to get access to an endless amount of experiences and things?

For many of the users at GreenMobility, the freedom lies in having fewer fixed costs, such as the costs that may occur from owning a car.


“The best thing about GreenMobility is that it is easy, accessible and that I can drive a car without owning a car myself” – GreenMobility user

According to the users, part of the advantage of renting an electric car through GreenMobility is, among other things, that you only pay for the price you use the car. At the same time, you avoid the responsibility that comes with owning a car yourself, and you avoid paying for insurance, electricity and maintenance, which are often extra costs when owning a car.

A green community

As climate challenges increase, we can make a difference together by sharing, rather than owning or buying.

We can share and recycle clothes, share electronics, rent out our homes and share them with others when we travel. And we can share cars.

At GreenMobility, users share electric cars, often instead of owning their own, instead of car #2 or as a supplement to public transport or bicycles.

For many, it can create a sense of community with one’s fellow drivers when they do something good for the environment together.


“There is a community feeling when I see other GreenMobility cars on the roads” – GreenMobility user

At GreenMobility, we have more than 200,000 users. Our users count all ages, from the 18-year-olds with newly acquired driving licenses to the oldest at 93 years. They all agree on at least one thing despite widely differing circumstances in life: they all do something good for the climate by choosing the electric car over the gasoline or diesel car.


“Lovely green transportation alternative that solves the needs, my family often has” – GreenMobility user

For many of our users, the environment and sustainability are a motivation to use our car-sharing concept. Even to such an extent that as many as 73% are willing to walk a little further to take an electric car rather than a diesel or gasoline car.

are willing to walk a little further to take an electric car rather than a diesel/gasoline car
have or will in the future decide not to buy a car because they can use GreenMobility
mainly choose GreenMobility because the cars are often closer

Fewer private cars and less congestion in cities

Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. What if we had to make room for even more private cars than the ones already existing in the cities?

110 experts believe that by 2030, car sharing can replace around 40% of all private cars. At the same time, over 35 European cities have pre-approved GreenMobility and our car-sharing solution to promote CO2 neutrality, improve the urban environment and reduce private cars in the cities.

When we choose to drive an electric car rather than a gasoline or diesel car, we can also save the environment from large amounts of CO2. On an average trip in a GreenMobility car, our users help to save the environment 1,2kg CO2. Overall, GreenMobility’s users have saved more than 3,600 tonnes of saved CO2.

GreenMobility or own car?

For more than half of the asked users, the use of GreenMobility has had the effect that they have postponed or skipped buying their own car. As many as 45% have answered that they already have or will in the future refrain from buying a car because they can use GreenMobility.


“To make a difference, we need people to refrain from buying their own car because they can use our and other sustainable transport options. And it seems that our solution has the effect that more people omit to buy their own car today and in the future” – Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO at GreenMobility.

The access to shareable electric cars are increasing in Europe. At GreenMobility, we look forward to being the frontrunners of offering a sustainable car-sharing concept in even more European cities in the future.