Take a Green to the most beautiful hiking trails in Flanders

Local hiking trails have never been as popular as during the last year. That’s why we are giving you an overview of the most beautiful trails in Flanders. There is something for everyone, so book that Green around the corner and enjoy your day trip!

East Flanders: Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Nature Reserve

On the outskirts of Ghent, you will find the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Nature Reserve, where you can relax in one of Flanders’ most bird rich areas. Drive to the ‘Natuur- en Milieucentrum De Bourgoyen’ with your Green as a starting point. From there you can follow three marked hiking trails. Have fun, and don’t forget to count the bird species!


Distance Antwerp: 68 km
Distance Ghent: 7 km
Length hike: 2 -5,5 km
Certainly do this: At the main entrance of the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Nature Reserve, you will find a barefoot path! Walk barefoot on a trail made of materials that you would also find in the nature reserve.

Antwerp: Kalmthout Heath

Noord-Amerika 2013

For a wide range of hiking possibilities you have to go to the Kalmthout Heath. This diverse landscape is located on the Dutch border and consists of beautiful nature escapes. Choose a brisk walk through the dunes or take a leisurely stroll among the cows. There are about 25 hiking trails to choose from!

Distance Antwerp: 28 km
Distance Ghent: 80 km
Length trail: 1,7 – 24 km
Certainly do this: Bring your phone with you, especially for younger hikers. Scan the QR codes on the post for some kid-friendly information about the trail.

Flemisch Brabant: The Sonian Forest

The Sonian Forest takes you to the green belt of Brussels. At 10 kilometers distance from the city center, you will find yourself in a far-reaching forest with beech and oak more than 200 years old. There are walking trails for wheelchair users and play areas for the kids. Pick a trail to your preference and enjoy your surroundings!


Distance Antwerp: 60 km
Distance Ghent: 80 km
Length trail: Pick your own trail
Certainly do this: Visit the Arboretum of Groenendaal en walk among 400 different native and exotic trees and plants.

West Flanders: Coastal Hiking Trail


Fancy making it a day trip? Take a Green to the coast and explore the dune forest between De Haan and Wenduine. The Coastal Hiking Trail starts at the old tram station of De Haan. The lenghty trail runs party along the beach, partly through the forest and partly through the dunes. There is enough variation!

Distance Antwerp: 114 km
Distance Ghent: 61 km
Length trail: 11,40 km
Certainly do this: Watch out for the Hubertmolen when you pass it. This 1880s mill has a mermaid-shaped wind vane. There is also a little animal park nearby for animal lovers.

Limburg: Connecterra

For a day trip to the other side of Flanders, you have to visit the panoramic Connecterra. 25 years ago, the coal mines in this area were still running at full capacity. Now you enjoy a peaceful environment with hills, lakes and spectacular panoramas. Be sure to put those walking boots in the trunk!


Distance Antwerp: 108 km
Distance Ghent: 170 km
Length: 1,4 – 13 km
Certainly do this: Take €3 with you for the entrance fee. This small financial contribution helps to maintain the walking trail and it is well worth the walk!

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