NEW: Discover the 50 kilometre day package

Get your own car for a whole day with our daypackage, whether you use it for short or long trips.

Do you want to go away for the day, but you don’t have to drive a long distance? Then our new day package with 50 kilometres is exactly what you need. You don’t have to pay as much for shorter distances, but you still get your own car for a whole day. Do you need more than 50 kilometres? Then you pay €0.39 per extra kilometre outside the package. This way, we keep the price low, but you can enjoy it for just as long. Perfect for a visit to a family gathering or a day trip outside the Zone.

NEW: Day package inc. 50 km


Drive 24 hours inc. 50 km.

Only €45

Otherwise: €85

The rental runs for 24 hours in a row and can’t be split up.
The package is only valid for the Renault Zoe.
Buy in the app menu “Packages”.

3 friends prepare the car for a trip and fill the trunk with camping stuff.

How it works

1. Buy the package in the app
Buy the package in the app menu "Packages". The package is automatically activated the next time you drive in one of our cars.
2. Make a "stopover"
When you need to park during your trip, you can make a "stopover" in the app. The package is still running and you can drive further when it fits your plans.
3. End the trip within the zone
End your trip again within the zone. If you rent the car for several hours or days, the car must be charged along the way. Read more about charging below.

Practical information

When you purchase a package, the package starts when you begin your next trip in one of our cars. The packages cannot be split up or used multiple times. If you already have prepaid minutes in your account and buy a package, your prepaid minutes will be saved for later.

If you drive more than the kilometers included in the package, each kilometer then costs €0.39. If your package expires, and you would like to drive for a longer time, you can easily purchase a new package in the app. Otherwise, you drive at €0.39/minute and €0.39/km.

Charge the car during your trip

When you rent our electric cars for more hours or days and plan to go for a long trip, remember to check how much power the car has left. You can charge the car at all Blue Corner or Allego charging stations in the Benelux. You can find the Blue Corner stations on this map or in the Blue Corner app. Be sure to check in advance if the charging station that you want to use is a public station.

Girl with suitcase walking towards a GreenMobility car

Parking outside of the zone

If you drive within the Zone, our parking rules apply as they usually do. If you park outside the zone during your trip, be aware that you pay for parking yourself. You are responsible for parking legally and following the official parking rules that apply in Belgium.

Guide for driving and charging

1. Open the app and buy a package in the menu “Packages”.

2. Reserve the car in the app. The first 20 minutes of the reservation is free. After this, it costs € 0.15/min to have the car reserved.

3. When standing by the car, unlock it in the app. You can start driving!

4. When you stop at a desired address, make a “stopover” in the app. The car locks while you are away from it. Don’t finish your trip in the app until you’re done driving.

5. Remember to pay attention to how much power the car has left. You may want to check in advance if there is a charging station near the place you want to go to. Find the Blue Corner charging stations here and Allego charging stations here. Be sure to check in advance if the charging station that you want to use is a public station.

6. When you have finished your trip, go park the car within the zone. If you have the opportunity to park the car at a charging station, it is a great help for us and the next user. You earn free minutes by charging the car. Remember the parking rules that apply. See the parking rules here.

7. When you have the charging cable plugged in the station, you can find the Blue Corner card underneath the gear shift to hold against the charging station. Remember to put the card back, otherwise the trip cannot be ended in the app.

8. The charging cable is in the trunk of the car.

9. Once the car is charged and the card is put back underneath the gear shift, the trip can be ended in the app.

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